Demi Moore: “Bruce Willis wanted to turn me into a housewife”

Demi Moore admitted that ex-husband Bruce Willis wanted to turn it from a famous actress to a homemaker. A celebrity describe a family problem in his memoirs, “Inside out”.

Деми Мур: «Брюс Уиллис хотел превратить меня в домохозяйку»

Moore and Willis have legalized relationship four months after Dating. The actress quickly became pregnant, and her husband began to insist on the abandonment of the shooting in favor of home Affairs. When this producer constraints are not imposed and continued life.

“Our romance developed rapidly. It seemed to me that we both dream about children. With marriage on the face of Bruce slipped the shadow of a doubt, and then he was always unhappy. Despite misunderstandings and disagreements, we managed to stay together for 13 years,” shared Moore.