Demi Moore called the actor-a man who didn’t deserve the payment higher than it

Lately, demi Moore is trying to be very honest with their fans. First, she released a memoir, “Inside out”, in which he described the details of the different stages of his life. But recently, the actress told one of the actors do not deserve to earn more than her.

Деми Мур назвала актера-мужчину, который не заслуживал оплату выше, чем у нее

To tricky questions demi answered during the game at the “Very late show with James Korden”. According to the moderator, in Hollywood she is considered one of the first Actresses who started the fight for equal pay for women and men. Therefore, cord asked the actress to name the actor, to whom the work is paid more money than her, but he didn’t deserve it.

Where do I start this list?

joked Moore.

But then everything came together and called this man. It was the former husband of the actress.

I don’t know if I can say that he doesn’t deserve it, is none of my business. But I’d say Bruce Willis. And I can’t say that he didn’t deserve it!

— ironically she replied. The audience greatly enjoyed her funny attempt to avoid answering, but leading Moore could not hold. James stressed that the question of demi are still not answered.

I can’t say

— finally and already have seriously said the actress.

Despite such jokes, with ex-husband Bruce Willis demi is in a good relationship. In his memoirs Moore wrote that he was proud of how they coped with the separation. Now they continue to give love to their children. The actress confessed that now they are with the Bruce bond stronger than it was during life together.