Demi Moore showed some juicy images

American actress demi Moore in recent years more and more is “hearing”. The fact that the star released his own memoir, “Inside out” (Inside Out) why demi became a frequent guest presentations and interviews, in particular, for both the WSJ. Magazine, reports the with reference to the channel 24.

Деми Мур продемонстрировала несколько пикантных образов

For the October issue of Moore wearing some stylish images of these collections of brands like Alexander Wang, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The author of the photo shoot became a famous artist and photographer Cass bird.

Slender legs, a plunging neckline and household linen – pretty excited the imagination of fans. However, the actress hasn’t thought about personal, because with the release of the book, she admitted many errors, including about the betrayal of her first husband on the eve of the wedding.

The night before the wedding, instead of having to write my vows, I called the guy, whom she met on set. I went right from my bachelorette party and went to visit him, she confessed.

The woman was married to Freddy Moore at 18, when he was already 30. After 5 years of marriage they divorced, but she still did not understand why did not dare to confess their doubts.

“Why did I do that? Why I don’t talk to your future husband to Express to him your doubts? Because I couldn’t accept the fact that getting married while in mourning for his father. Because I couldn’t afford to stop what she had set in motion. I could not cancel the marriage, but could to sabotage it,” said the star.