Democrats and those boring progressives

Democrats and those annoying progressives


Tuesday evening, on CNN Tonight, Democratic strategist Paul Begala allowed himself a well-felt attack on some Democratic voters. He coined an unequivocal phrase to describe more progressive whites in some states: “pain-in-the-ass-liberals< strong>“.

Begala, a seasoned veteran, laments the great influence of these progressives within the Democratic Party.

The Tulsi Gabbard Mystery

The former representative of Hawaii and opponent of Joe Biden in the last Democratic primaries announced over the weekend that she was leaving the party. She explained her decision on Twitter: “I can no longer stand in today's Democratic Party which is under the total control of an elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by a cowardly awakening, who divide us by racializing every problem and fanning white anti-racism.”

I always wondered what Gabbard was doing with the Democrats. Controversial and often at odds with her party, she found herself more and more often on Fox News, replacing Tucker Carlson in August.

So if I'm not surprised to his departure, the fact remains that the words used can hurt, as the Democrats are already very divided. 

Democrat brawl in Los Angeles

While Gabbard harshly recalls the woke influence on elected Democrats, which Republicans do not fail to exploit, the Los Angeles City Council is at the heart of a controversy that forced the intervention of President Biden. 

Tackling racism in America's most ethnically diverse city takes conviction and skill. The task, already colossal, is a feat if the Democrats, presented as champions of the cause, themselves make racist remarks!

The city council president and two councilors used demeaning terms to describe a colleague's black adopted son (little monkey) or to refer to young immigrants from southern Mexico (little short dark people ). The exchanges were recorded and then posted on Reddit.

As the mayoral election looms and the fight promises to be tough between Democrats and Republicans, the president intervened to demand the resignation of the three elected involved. 

We often talk about Donald Trump's grip on the Republican Party and the confrontation between his supporters, the MAGAs and the more centrist, but the challenge of the Democratic strategists should not be underestimated.

While on the one hand progressives must be forced to play as a team, so as to win moderate constituencies, it is impossible to deny that the racial question is still very much present. 

The authorities of the party must hope that voters will notice what White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre points out: “When a Democrat says something racist or anti-Semitic, we hold Democrats accountable. When a MAGA Republican says something racist or antisemitic, they are embraced by cheering crowds. =”/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/a05622d7ff6f604cc19ec5e1a0463203.jpg” alt=”Democrats and those annoying progressives” />