Democrats in Congress accused Pompeo of intimidating witnesses in the case of impeachment, working in the state Department (PHOTO)

Демократы в Конгрессе обвинили Помпео в запугивании свидетелей по делу об импичменте, работающих в Госдепартаменте (ФОТО)

Democrats from the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on Tuesday accused Secretary of state Michael Pompeo in the intimidation of the state Department officials who were called to testify in the framework of the impeachment of Donald trump.

“According to reports, the Secretary of state Pompeo was on the phone when the President exerted pressure on Ukraine to discredit its political opponents. If so, the Secretary of state Pompeo is now a witness in the investigation conducted by the House of representatives during the impeachment. He should immediately end the intimidation of witnesses in the state Department to protect themselves and the President”, – TASS quoted the joint statement of the Chairpersons of the Committee on foreign Affairs Eliot Engel (Democrat of new York), the ad hoc Committee on intelligence, Adam Schiff (Democrat from California) and the Committee on oversight and government reform Elijah Cummings (Democrat from Maryland).

“Any attempt to intimidate witnesses or to interfere with their conversation with Congress are illegal and will be evidence of obstruction. In response, the Congress could conclude that the withheld documents and testimony may contain information that confirms the complaint of the informant,” reminded legislators-Democrats.

Previously, Engel, Schiff and Cummings Pompeo sent a joint letter in which has demanded from the Secretary of state to provide to legislators documents relating to contacts of the President with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky and also called to the hearing to testify in Congress and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, the US special envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, Deputy assistant Secretary of state George Kent, adviser of the state Department Ulrich Brechbuhl, as well as permanent U.S. representative to the EU, Gordon Sandland.

On Tuesday, Pompeo in a letter Angelo said that the Democrats are trying to “force” representatives of the foreign Ministry to appear at hearings, although the legislature has not prescribed any subpoenas. The conviction of the Secretary of state, “five officials” in question cannot participate in any interrogation or hearings without consultation with the Executive branch of government, which would guarantee that the result will not be disclosed to any confidential information or data relating to diplomatic correspondence.

Pompeo of potreboval to the hearing, together with caused by in the Congress of the people was attended by the legal adviser of the state Department.

The scandal surrounding the phone conversation with trump Zelensky mentioned in the complaint, led to the beginning of procedure of impeachment against the President of the United States. As claimed by his political opponents, the trump during a call, tried to persuade the Ukrainian leader to start an investigation of Ukraine son of former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in exchange for the provision of financial and military assistance to Kiev.

Joseph Biden is now the most likely competitor to trump on the upcoming 2020 presidential election.