“Demon of the devil will not drive”: the network has made fun of “ritual cleansing from evil spirits” Zhirinovsky (video)

«Беса из беса не выгонишь»: в сети высмеяли «обряд очищения от нечисти» Жириновского (видео)

Known for his boorish attitude to Ukraine, the odious Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has decided to resort to the services of the shaman and be “cleansed from evil spirits”.

Inadequate video of the ceremony published in your Twitter user “Catch me! Е7Ы09”.

The video shows how the shaman knocks the tambourine, and the leader of the liberal democratic party while moaning and shouting “get me all the damage, week remove stress”.

Upon completion of the ceremony Zhirinovsky thanked the shaman and said, I was relieved.

“All the Kremlin elite rushed into the occult. Here Zhirinovsky, the shaman deduces the spell. Apparently put a spell Bulk. This is the middle ages or the end of the third Reich, who knows?”, — wrote the author of the publication.

Seeing the inadequate actions of the Kremlin veteran, users vengeance began to discuss his strange actions.

Some agreed that such “shamanism really smells musty Medieval: “F*your… dozhilis! The middle ages nervously smokes on the sidelines…”, “don’t just nervously and tightening”, “the time has Come to dig up the grave of Tamerlane…”.

Some of my readers very disapprovingly spoke out about the personal qualities of the politician.

“Old twat”, “Dementia”, “Here it is useless to output damage. He is the source of damage, you need to burn”, “In my opinion, it has long been proved that is the official jester in the government of the Russian Federation, I do not understand why his antics someone else takes seriously”, “the Daemon from demon to exorcise is impossible”, “Senses death and wants to “atone for” sinand” they write.

Was among the readers and those who suspected the main LDPR-sheep in the quest to get sexual satisfaction in an unconventional way: “He gets sexual satisfaction. Even so, if no more”, “What an interesting design vibrator”, “Mating with a tambourine — it’s original. But let him try as Sobakin, to mate with a deer”.

“It’s good that they’re all in the occult believe. The shaman is Shanwith,” wrote one user, referring, obviously, to the Yakut shaman, which goes through Russia to Moscow in order to “exorcise the demon out of the Kremlin.”

Most of the readers were tuned even more categorical: “Everything is rotten in*Ren upstairs”, “This Council will ever anecdote”, “the Shaman will not help them. The punishment will be very hard” “the Only chance for at least a weakening of fate is a sharp change of direction for the real opposition. And the reason is.”

Obviously, the Russians are really tired of politicians clowns who are not able to solve the country’s problems any other way than dancing with a tambourine. So the protests in the country and probably will continue.

As previously reported “FACTS”, fearing the spread of unwanted government sentiment, the Russian authorities have decided to block the means of exchange of views between citizens. The first “under the hand” got popular messenger Telegram and the country banned Internet resources. To test ways of blocking is solved by the users in the North of the city of Tyumen.

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