Denis Shmigel spoke about the budget for 2021

Денис Шмыгаль рассказал о формировании бюджета на 2021

The government is in the process of macroeconomic planning for 2021. Clearly incorporated social obligations to Ukrainian citizens and to the international and domestic partners. This was during the hour of questions to government in Parliament, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal.

“We are in the process of macroeconomic planning and create a so-called budget resolution, although the law is removed this year in connection with the coronavirus, but the Ministry of Finance works.

We clearly believe that we will execute all obligations to medical and social sphere, in front of our teachers.

We clearly took into account the increase in the minimum wage from 1 September to 5 thousand hryvnia.

Between Ukraine and Brazil trade has grown by 21.5%

Understand how to plan and execute next year’s budget, including the repayment of domestic and international debt obligations”, — said Smigel.

It was reported that earlier Smigel told about the distribution of 754 million UAH allocated for elimination of consequences of floods.