Denmark let SP-2. But construction is delayed

Дания впустила СП-2. Но строительство затягивается

Now two ships, not one, can begin the laying of pipes. However, there are several reasons why the work is not resumed.

The Danish energy Agency was allowed to lay vessels, anchor positioning to participate in the construction of gas pipeline Nord stream-2 in the territorial waters of Denmark and granted request so 2 Nord Stream AG.

Denmark has long remained the last country, prohibiting the construction of Russian gas pipeline on its territory. She called on European countries to unite to help Ukraine to resist SP-2.

Meanwhile, the ship Academician Chersky did not require any permission of the Danish authorities. Pipelay has long been able to begin work. But they will begin not earlier than in a month.Корреспондент.net tells details.

Denmark eased requirements

The Danish energy Agency on June 6 reported that Nord Stream AG 2 can use the new lay vessels sakharnym positioning to replace those that were removed of spreekt after cacssa imposed sanctions against participating proekte companies.

Thus, the Danish authorities granted the request “daughters” the Russian company Gazprom Nord Stream AG 2. A strict requirement of the Danish authorities explained that near the highway SP-2 there are hundreds of thousands of bombs, shells and mines, flooded after the Second world war.

The decision on the easing of regulations adopted in accordance with zakonom oncontinental shelf ing the basis of the commitments of Denmark within the framework of the UN Convention Pomeranian law requiring the country to allow the construction of transit pipelines, if they newgreat security ine harm the environment.

In Copenhagen said that the remaining part of the pipeline will be constructed outside of the areas where the use of vessels with anchor positioning is strictly prohibited due to the demands of environmentalists.

The anchor positioning system allows the vessel to hold position by using anchors. Denmark is still allowed to be used during pipeline construction only pipe-laying with dynamic positioning system.

The latter is an integrated management system of the vessel including thruster propellers, which allows the ship without the use of anchors and tugs to keep position and course.

This time the Danes did not delay issuing a permit — it took only a month. The last time Denmark, as you know, two years is considered a permit for the construction of the SP-2 in its waters.

When Denmark agreed to the construction of the pipeline, the United States imposed the first sanctions against the Russian draft and the site is still not completed.

The causes of delay in construction

The decision of the Danish regulator can be considered a great success of Russia, because after the introduction of sanctions by Washington against ships involved in the construction of the SP-2, the main contractor of the project — the Swiss company Allseas refused to continue work under the contract.

So Gazprom will have to use your own judgment. Academician of the Chersky Yes solutions Denmark was the only Russian vessel is able to build the Nord stream gas pipeline 2, since only it has the dynamic positioning system.

In February he sailed from the port of Nakhodka and went to Mukran, where there is a logistic terminal construction project Nord stream 2 and stored pipe needed to complete construction.

The second ship, able to work on the construction of a new pipeline, the barge Fortuna — equipped with the anchor system. It also stands in the German port.

However, the decision of the energy Agency can be appealed to the appeals Board of Denmark on energy issues. This opportunity could benefit Poland.

Pending the issuance by Denmark of the resolution of Fortune is one of the three reasons why Gazprom has still not proceeded to completion, “stream”, said the expert of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, expert of the national energy security Fund Igor Yushkov.

The second reason is Gazprom waited in the Baltic sea will supply vessels that should deliver the pipes to the place of their laying vessels-pipe layers.

First Gazprom probably expected to find the foreign ships supply vessels. However, in the process, it became clear that foreigners will not want to participate in the construction because of the sanctions. Therefore, Gazprom had to pull your own supply vessels.

The third reason why the construction is not renewed, was the request to wait from Germany.

“They’re trying to lobby for changes in the text of the bill on new US sanctions against SP-2. The U.S. bill proposes to fine not only German companies but also the state itself”, — quotes the expert Opinion.

US sanctions

The construction of the Nord stream-2, which is to deliver Russian gas to Germany under the Baltic sea parallel to the existing Nord stream, was paused at the end of 2019 because of US sanctions against European contractors involved in the project.

Recently U.S. senators announced the extension of sanctions aimed at stopping construction. According to Washington, the pipeline will increase energy dependence of Europe from Russia.

While the US and some European States oppose the construction of a new pipeline, the countries through whose territorial waters it is (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark), authorized the laying of pipes.

1 July, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the us sanctions against Saitoti-2 do not meet the legal views of Berlin, noting that the German side intends to complete this project.