Denmark was allowed to finish the SP-2 new vessels

Дания разрешила достроить СП-2 новыми судами

Russia plans to build Nord stream-2 using the pipelayer Academician Chersky

When laying of the Russian pipeline were allowed to use the pipe-laying with anchor positioning.

The Danish energy Agency has considered the request of the company Nord Stream AG 2, giving permission for the use of new vessels on the unfinished section of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2. About it reported in a press release of the Ministry on Monday, July 6.

“The Danish energy Agency has decided that Nord Stream AG 2 can also use the pipe-laying with anchor positioning when laying the pipeline Nord stream-2”, — stated in the message.

Now a new court can be used both separately and in combination with ships equipped with dynamic positioning system.

In the new decision, the Agency emphasized that the remaining part of the pipeline passing through the exclusive economic zone of Denmark, “is outside the area where it is not recommended for trawling, anchoring and bottom work because of the danger of introducing into the marine environment of dumped chemical warfare agents”.

As you know, Denmark was the last country was kotalawala permission to stroitelstvom stream-2 — at the end of October last year.

But in December, the construction was stopped because of U.S. sanctions. In Washington are already preparing to expand them, which will lead to the suspension of hundreds of millions of euros of investment in the project.