Dentists called the most common mistakes when brushing your teeth

Incorrect tooth brushing can reduce the effectiveness of this important hygienic procedure, but also provoke some dangerous disease. About how to brush your teeth properly and avoid the most common mistakes told dentists.

Стоматологи назвали самые распространенные ошибки при чистке зубов

There are people who believe that one should not wash off the toothpaste after brushing. Dentist Dmitry Shumakov said that it’s about the same as no rinse shampoo after soaping the hair on his head. “The nutrients contained in the paste composition, perfectly accumulate on the surface of tooth enamel with proper daily brushing, so pasta, of course, you need to rinse”, — said the expert.

Nina Anikina, the dentist, adds that the biggest mistake is the lack of time cleaning. The doctor advised to arm themselves with a stopwatch and to measure two or three minutes to complete the procedure ahead of time.

“But that’s not the only mistake. Many people do not follow the formation of plaque. That is, they can brush their teeth for a long time, but well enough. You should test the effect of cleansing before a mirror. Another mistake — a very strong pressure on the brush and thereby erase the tooth enamel. The other extreme is a weak push. So you are unlikely to remove the plaque”, — says the doctor.