Dentists spoke about the reasons for bleeding gums

Doctors have shared valuable information with those who are regularly confronted with bleeding gums and do not know how to solve this problem.

Стоматологи рассказали о причинах кровоточивости десен

The bleeding gums would not pay attention if the dentists are not told that in a few years after blood appeared on the toothbrush, can start to break down bone tissue. In consequence of this violation the person will begin to lose your teeth one by one and he had no choice but to raise money for prosthetics. And in some cases, the doctor will not be able to offer the patient the crowns, but only dentures or implants.

It turns out that bleeding gums has reason, being aware of which everyone has a chance to yourself and your teeth to protect in advance.

The best way to causes of bleeding gums:

1. Hard toothbrush and use toothpicks. Often, patients come to the dentist with a problem like bleeding gums. In conversation with the man the doctor figures out what devices he uses in order to care for their teeth and mouth in General. Most often, the doctor concludes that his patient is using toothbrush high rigidity, and he really need to use a medium-soft brush or even soft. It turns out that the man himself injure the gums, but as in the case with dental floss and threads when they damage the gums in gaps between teeth, hence developing bleeding. But dentists say that if the blood on the brush, the floss, the strands, were seen only once, then the reasons for the unrest there, and when this phenomenon is repeated from day to day — it is already possible to go on consultation to the doctor and find out how to eliminate bleeding.

2. Smoking. Doctors say that patients with bleeding gums more than half of the smokers. If you want to avoid problems with the gums — stop Smoking.

3. Hormonal failure or reluctance to have children. Strange as it many sound, bleeding gums can occur due to hormonal medications, including birth control.

4. Anemia and diabetes can let you know by bleeding gums. Often this phenomenon is the first symptom of these ailments.

5. Tartar and lack of sanation of oral cavity for extended periods of time can trigger the development of diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, the main symptom of which is bleeding gums.