Dentists told when to remove wisdom teeth

Removal of wisdom teeth or “eights” are often common, because they are not necessary and not needed for normal chewing of food to man. Experts said that in some cases it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth.

Стоматологи рассказали, когда необходимо удалять зубы мудрости

Wisdom tooth the eighth tooth in the dentition, also called “third molars” is a large megacompany tooth. “Eight” can erupt in people aged 12 to 25 years. Despite the problems and the diseases to which they lead, the ancestors of modern man were afraid to remove them. According to the belief of ancient people, the appearance of wisdom teeth meant the owner has achieved both physical and spiritual age, and from now on it will be considered a person with great life experience.

Eighth teeth are of low value to the dentition. Wisdom teeth can lead to pulpitis, tooth decay and damage to neighboring teeth. The latter is often caused due to difficult eruption of the third molars. Many dentists recommend to remove them because they can lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, inflammation of gums and severe pain in the cheeks, throat, ear.

The removal of the eighth teeth is necessary if they are located under the gum and cannot erupt (if wisdom teeth remain, it may cause the formation of cysts); the “eight” was cut in part; for a tooth is not sufficient; there is pain in the area of wisdom teeth; inflamed soft tissues near the eighth tooth; the tumor; appearance of caries and inflammation of gums.

Experts say, from the wisdom tooth is not worth it to get rid of, when the teeth are healthy, no inflammation, and “eight” correctly cut and its location does not interfere with other teeth, causes no pain, easily cleaned during oral hygiene. Experts advise to regularly visit the dentist to avoid dental problems.