Deodorants and oranges were dangerous for offices

A new study has shown that the use of deodorants or cleaning of oranges from the skin in the office can lead to infection of the air. And this is the infection can cause fatigue and headaches.

Дезодоранты и апельсины оказались опасными для офисов

If on hot days you plan to defend colleagues in the office from their own odor by using deodorant, then think about it again. Scientists from Purdue University found that the use of deodorants, and cleaning of oranges peeled in office spaces leads to the release into the air of the so-called monoterpenes, and their content is 20 times and exceed the norm. These substances are also found in cosmetics and means on care of hair. When mixed with ozone monoterpenes form a special combination that is extremely harmful to humans. In particular, it can cause fatigue and headaches. These are the results of observations of the so-called open-offices, where a single platform can work for thousands of people. Open offices have become popular and today they are more common than traditional private offices with walls.

Increasingly, scientists are exploring the characteristic features of life and work in open offices. Revealed that volatile organic components that are released into the air through breath, remain in the atmosphere such offices long after all the employees go home. Different kind of substances accumulating in the air due to hygienic products, fruit and vegetables, respiration and other sources to form a dangerous mixture. It triggers fatigue, headaches and irritation of the respiratory tract. Of course, if this air is not properly ventilated offices.

There is growing scientific evidence that the ventilation system for improper function has a very significant negative impact on the chemical composition of the air in the room. The composition is dynamic, it is constantly changing throughout the day depending on external conditions and how the ventilation works and also what substances are release into the air staff.