Dependence on cars and one supermarket in the city: why our unusual one-story America

Although many with the word “USA” are big cities like new York, Chicago or Los Angeles, the vast majority of the population live in the so-called one-storey America. And today I will tell you what it’s like to live in our “bedroom” town of 15,000 people, writes the author of the blog “Elena in America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Зависимость от машины и один супермаркет на город: почему нашим непривычно в одноэтажной Америке

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This complete dependence on cars, because public transport is not here. Around some houses and roads, roads and houses… And, well, squirrels and more!

Is it possible somewhere to walk?

Yes, of course! Let’s see where can be reached without a car.

In the town of a supermarket of medium size — Kroger — like “Perekrestok” in Moscow — from our house I can reach him for 30-35 minutes (one way).

We have no post office, so when I need to send a parcel, I go to another city — 45-50 minutes by foot (one way).

How to get to the next town? To cross the road! This is not a joke.

Well, at least the freestanding mailboxes we have — the closest one is a 20-minute walk away. If you want to send postcards to my subscribers, it is much easier to do.

Even on foot you can reach several restaurants, the nearest is 20 minutes from us.

Is it possible to walk to the Park? You can, in about 45 minutes feet.

As we have in the city there are no companies, all except the owners of small shops on the main street and working from home, go to work in the neighboring city — who where. Greg gets to the office for 30-35 minutes.

And more importantly — we were lucky — we all have sidewalks. Yes, you guessed it — not everyone is so lucky and not many towns one-story America, there are sidewalks in residential neighborhoods. And there is no sidewalk — walk will not come!

Well, that’s all, in principle. I hope this post, I once and for all answered the question I asked in Instagram: “why in your stories, no one walks?”

So nowhere to walk somewhere. Easier to jump in car and drive, where necessary. And on foot… Well, there’s nothing to do on foot, only if unless really want to go, but even with us it rarely happens while on the road it is a pity to spend, the weather is inclement.

Whether will be wishing to live in “this” America, or all of only the big noisy city give?

Original published in the blog “Elena in America” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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