Deputy head of President’s Office said that stores decided not to work

Most hardware stores does not work during the quarantine because they had taken such a decision.

Замглавы Офиса президента заявил, что магазины сами приняли решение не работать

Said in an interview with the League Office Deputy President Cyril Tymoshenko, commenting on the situation, when “Hub” is working, and all the other hardware stores there.

An excerpt from the full interview.

— The Epicenter so special? Why, despite the quarantine, the store is full, and all the enclosing tape in hypermarkets is just for beauty? You can buy everything.

— I don’t know, I was not there.

— Why, in terms of quarantine, when small and medium businesses thinking about how to survive the epicenter of the flies in China, sells and sends a letter to who wants?

— And what’s illegal? Similarly, works Silpo, ATB…

Is grocery stores.

Grocery for all of your work and business is impossible?

— Well it’s not we choose not to.

Is the decision of the Cabinet.

— The decision of the government reported to the President on a daily selectors.

— Home improvement stores – this is a story that is all over the world.

— Did all the shops of the economic goods in the country?

— The decision of companies whether to work or not.

Note that the last statement is obviously not true. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers banned the work of all non-food stores, including construction. However, the “Epicenter” for this is what, in fact, the question was asked.