Deputy Minister of infrastructure stood in the scheme of billions of hryvnia

The Cabinet decided that the contractors of the road construction will pay the independent engineering consultants, who will be present at construction sites and monitor the whole process, but including it will not take any responsibility for what happens.

Замминистра инфраструктуры отстояла схему на миллиарды гривен

It is reported from-ua.

Deputy Minister of infrastructure Natalia Forsuch defended the government scheme which obliges contractors of road construction to pay for the independent engineering consultants of about 6 billion hryvnia per year. According to information, the funds will come from taxpayers, because the contractors will be laid and the size of these funds in the construction cost.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the implementation of the pilot project for the overhaul of public roads”, the contractor has the right to begin construction of the road without permission Gosarhstroyinspektsii only in the case when they were the insured’s work and brought to the test of an independent consulting engineer.

“This consultant and the customer will cost 5% of construction cost – a calculation of one of the professional associations. Only in 2020 for roads identified about 112 billion, the consultants are unable to 6 billion UAH. If for the next 5 years for roads will be spent as planned, 500 billion, market analysis consultants grows to a space of 27.5 billion UAH”, — is spoken in information.