Derevyanchenko: “When the blood flow in the eye, I haven’t seen Golovkin blows” (video)

Деревянченко: "Когда кровь затекала в глаз, я не видел удары Головкина" (видео)

Sergey Derevyanchenko and Gennady Golovkin

Ukrainian Middleweight Sergey Derevyanchenko said about how for him the battle took place over two championship belts against the Kazakhstan citizen Gennady Golovkin.

According to Sergei, knockdown it is not particularly disturbing, but the cut in the second round, so hard for the entire fight.

“I feel good. During the knockdown, I made the motion to strike, and he hit me in the back of the head. But when I got up – felt good.

In the second round, I bent down, and Golovkin caught me with an uppercut. I felt the blow, but he also led to the dissection. Then during the battle the blood sometimes flowed into my eyes, and because of this I haven’t seen him direct and lateral blows. When I was taken to the doctors, I was worried that they might stop the fight,” said Derevyanchenko in an interview with IFL TV.

“I was hoping that victory will give me after the final bell. I was struck, but Gennady survived them all, he is an experienced champion. As for revenge, I don’t know, let’s wait for further results. I know Golovkin wants to fight with Alvarez and fight for the belt. Maybe if they want fans, the rematch will take place”, – said the Ukrainian.

We will remind, at the end of the match Derevyanchenko – Golovkin, unanimous decision of the judges gave the victory to the Kazakhstan – 114-113 twice and 115-112.