Dermatologists suggested how to keep healthy hair in the autumn chill

In autumn and winter hair requires extra care and constant protection from temperature extremes.

Дерматологи подсказали, как сохранить здоровый вид волос в осеннюю непогоду

In the autumn-winter period to spoil the condition of the hair can improper care of them, because of the cold, they need extra protection.

The cold and the wind very dry hair, and due to the lack of sunlight and the wearing of headgear, hair fade. While wearing head devices, when the temperature drops to the minus figures, it is extremely important, otherwise you can provoke not only their weakening and brittleness, and even hair loss.

“An excellent tool, nourishing and moisturizing all hair types, is the honey and eggs. To make the mask pretty simple: if you have normal or dry hair take 3 egg yolks, if dry – the same amount of protein, a spoonful of honey added to it (optional) tablespoon olive oil or yogurt. The resulting mixture is applied for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Proved to be excellent and this recipe: a couple small slices of rye bread puree them in a deep plate and pour small amount of boiling water. Tightly close the lid and leave for 5 minutes. Lift the lid and stir until smooth. Add two yolks and stir again. Apply the mask to wet hair, massaging the roots and ends. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off,” — said the expert.

To support damaged hair will help this mask: 1 tablespoon of herbs psyllium mixed with the same quantity of nettle herb, chamomile. One and a half tablespoons of this mixture fills in 1.5 cups of boiling water and leave for 2 hours. The remaining dry mix sealed in a jar that used to not penetrate the air. In the resulting infusion add crumbled rye bread crumb. Stir until smooth. Now apply this mask on the hair and zamatyvaem neck first with plastic, then with a warm towel. Keep about 1 hour and then wash your head with warm water without shampoo.