Deryugina warned about the threat to training for the Olympics

Дерюгина предупредила об угрозе срыва подготовки гимнасток к Олимпиаде

Vice-President of the gymnastics Federation of Ukraine, coach of the National team in rhythmic gymnastics Irina Deriugina said about the problems with the financing of artistic gymnastics and sports in General.

About this Deryugin said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

“At the last meeting in the Ministry given to understand that the formula according to which will be funded sport, nothing is impossible to change. For rhythmic gymnastics the money is not that enough, they are too little. We need at least 16 million, and 4.9 million Ridiculous amount, especially in Olympic year. The money we will be able to go only two to three start in the individual exercises. For the training of girls in the exercise group there is not a single penny,” she said.

According to Deryugin, if the state does not find it possible to provide visits of the gymnasts to the competition, the athletes themselves will not go. “Parents don’t have that kind of money. Ukraine’s preparation for the Olympic competitions in rhythmic gymnastics – in jeopardy,” said the head coach of the national team of Ukraine.

Deryugina stressed that athletes must travel to competitions.

“95% of all competitions take place in the first half of the year, before the Olympic games. If our athletes miss out, this affects the rating on the image and on the preparations for the Olympics. Gymnasts are now preparing a new program, they need to break in. Plus in international competitions at least we’re in normal conditions are, but not in a miserable and low hall in Kiev”, – she said.

“And now all of a shock. Committed sabotage against the sport. Nervous coaches, athletes … we Have a strong school, I am being pulled from other countries and asking our coaches. And the authorities, meanwhile, turns us into a laughing stock and could not provide even the necessary minimum”, – said Irina Deriugina.

We will remind, earlier the Federation of Olympic sports appealed to Zelensky because of shortages of funding.