Descendants of Chingachgook: 13 Hollywood stars with Indian roots

You will be surprised, but in the veins of these celebrities the blood of native American peoples. Edition find out which stars completely or in part are native Americans.

Потомки Чингачгука: 13 голливудских звезд с индейскими корнями

Photo: Shutterstock

Angelina Jolie

Mother of Angelina Jolie claimed that among her distant relatives was the Iroquois — the representatives of the tribes, who nowadays live in the USA and Canada.

Jimi Hendrix

The father of the legendary musician was African American, in the veins of the mother flowed the blood of the Aztecs and Cherokee Indians. What Jimi Hendrix was the first person inducted into the Hall of fame of American Indians.

Johnny Depp

Family of johnny Depp from Kentucky, the state on whose territory there live representatives of the Cherokee (it belonged to the grandfather of the actor) and the cry (of this tribe was the great-grandmother Depp). First tattoo, the head of an Indian in a traditional headdress, johnny stuffed in a sign of respect to their ancestors.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is a representative of the Sambo — descendants of Indians and blacks. It is noteworthy that the mother “Rocks” is from Samoa. In addition, Johnson is a hereditary wrestler in the third generation.

Anthony Kiedis

Its legacy soloist Red Hot Chili Peppers often mentions in songs. In addition, on the shoulders of Anthony Kiedis tattoo emblazoned with a picture of Indian chiefs, and on the back there is a tattoo totem Thunder Birds.

Elvis Presley

The iconic musician was a descendant of native Americans on my mother’s side. Elvis’s great great great grandmother Presley was a full-blooded Cherokee.

Cameron Diaz

What blood are mixed in with Cameron Diaz! Father of actress — Cuban, and mother is a descendant of the Indians, the Italians and Germans.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus claims that among her distant ancestors was Cherokee. Admiring his pedigree, the singer had tattooed on the body of the catcher (known Indian sample) and crossed arrows — symbol of friendship of native Americans.

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson is proud of its roots. Mother’s side she is afrocubana and Puerto Rican and father is Irish and Indian of the Apache tribe-the Seminoles.

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones also boasts of Indian origin. “This is not a tribe. It is a nation. The Cherokee nation,” says the actor about his roots.


Parents member of the band the Black Eyed Peas — Mexicans, descendants of the Indians of the tribe of Shoshone. Like their distant relatives, a Taboo for many years wore long hair until she got cancer. Now the musician prefers short haircuts that do not require special care.

Chuck Norris

It is hard to imagine, but Chuck Norris is also an Indian. His paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather were full blooded Cherokee. Apparently, the Irish won, awarding the actor with a shock of red hair.

Vanessa Hudgens

Beauty Vanessa Hudgens is due to the violent mixing of blood: her father was an Irish Indian, and mother was born in the Philippines. When the actress has published in Instagram photo with a woven into the hair catcher, it was hit by a wave of indignation. “A descendant of native Americans could be treated to the charms of the Indians with great respect,” — commented the followers.

Throughout the history of America’s most different people together under one roof. Their descendants form a new “race” of incredibly generous with talent, energy and beauty. But this happens not only in the United States.