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"Десна" вперше у власній клубній історії гарантувала собі участь у єврокубках


For this reason not zavershilsya one of hydramatics fnalv in the history of the Cup of Ukraine.

“Dynamic” lachey in ser penalt sumo of sumati Opir Poltavska “of Vorskla” (1:1, pen. 8:7).

12 Peremoga Dynamo final Cup of Ukraine this means, scho Chernus Desna, Yak lachey in the second year wistuba Alt wtfismaname football, vpershe through Europe non-stop from their history of won putco in evrokubka.

Pidopichni Oleksandr Ryabokon simauto the second row from turnmy tablets vernio a groupie Ukraïnskoï Prem courier-play, veduchi borotba z “Dynamo” and “Pauses” for the meeting place at qualit Play League journal. Ale definitely known that scho “Desna” does not apostatise, or from the fourth msca.

The fourth meeting place, Oskolki Cup not vigrala “Vorskla” team z nigga ssti, garanto cernvm the meeting place at qualit Play Vropy.

Have yakomu same turn I s ako stud startu “Desna” – TSE vertitsja in ostanni rounds of the championship.