Despite COVID-19, mission accomplished for the Festival de Petite-Vallée

Despite COVID-19, mission accomplished for the Festival de Petite-Vallée


The seventh wave of the pandemic may have hit the volunteers and employees of the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée hard, but the artistic director of the event, Alan Côté, says he is satisfied all the same of the 39th edition, which ended on Saturday evening. 

“We did it!”, he said yesterday in an interview. “This year, it was not the pandemic constraints of ticket sales, room capacities, but in relation to logistical management and human resources”, he added, specifying that several volunteers and employees have had to be absent during the Festival. Just by volunteering, more than 700 four-hour shifts are filled during the event.

However, there was always someone available to fill it. “Whether it's our technician's girlfriend, Patrick Tousignant, or the mother of songwriter Velours Velours, someone always raises their hand,” said Alan Côté.

Through this constant relay, the family spirit seems evident within the Festival. “We have our subscribers, our volunteers, but even festival-goers notice it and want to embark on the adventure. During this year's edition, I had several couples from all over the province, whether from the Laurentians, Beauce or Amos, who stopped me on the way to tell me that it was their first time at the Festival and that they will come back next year as volunteers,” he said.

In 10 days of event, the Festival welcomed nearly 15,000 visitors in a village where only 200 people live. The highlights of the event? “There were several,” said the event director.

“Of course, in terms of popularity and shared pleasure, the Salebarbes concert, which took place in a full Quebecor marquee, was something. The shows involving the artists smugglers Paul Piché and Émile Bilodeau, both the tribute of the Petite École de la Chanson, and their own shows, were moments of grace,” he added, specifying that this n It was not necessarily the biggest shows that offered the magic moments, referring to the shows presented in the morning at Camp Chanson.

A fortieth edition marked by construction

Due to the construction of the new Théâtre de la Vieille Forge, the fortieth edition of the Festival en Chanson will be held from July 28 to August 5, 2023, approximately one month after the usual dates, and during the construction holidays .

“These dates are not ideal, but we wanted to announce it in advance to festival-goers to allow them to book their accommodation in the region, which is not an easy task. affair. There will be a lot less parking during this edition, but we will find a way to organize ourselves,” said Alan Côté, mentioning that the festival is not at its first test.