Despite the pandemic: the trump insists on dismantling Obamacare

Speaking to reporters at the White house, the US President Donald trump said about the need to reform the country’s existing medical insurance system. Why now is not the time for this initiative, says CNN.

Несмотря на пандемию: Трамп настаивает на ликвидации Obamacare

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In the midst of a pandemic coronavirus, which has become one of the leading causes of death in the United States, the administration is promoting trump’s initiative to cancel the Law on the availability of medical services. The Supreme court will consider this proposal in the fall.

Despite the fact that U.S. attorney General William Barr called on the trump to revise its proposal to eliminate Obamacare (ACA), at his last press conference, trump said that his team will continue to promote this initiative.

Attorney General Barr insists that the administration changed its legal position in a lawsuit brought by a group of Republican state and preserved in his new project, part of the existing law. May 6, trump said, “he did not know about this requirement,” and, apparently, thereby showed that they were not going to deviate from its strategy.

On topic: Covers your medical insurance treatment COVID-19

According to researchers at the Urban Institute, actions trump can directly relate to 20 million Americans. Given that more than 30 million people have already filed applications for unemployment benefits, naturally be expected that many of these people will soon seek medical assistance for the Obamacare program. If people lose health insurance, to contain the pandemic in the country will be much more difficult.

A new strain of coronavirus is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. The key to controlling its spread is early diagnosis and the availability of free testing. Next – contact tracing of the patient.

Although the Federal government passed the law CARES, which covers the cost of testing and treating people without insurance, there are numerous holes in the system, due to which some patients are still forced to pay for these services yourself.

Due to the fact that many fear, not to pull the treatment of a coronavirus, not all seek medical help, and thus to contain the pandemic it will be harder.

Other diseases also did not disappear during a pandemic coronavirus. People with chronic diseases, patients with strokes, heart attacks and other boundary conditions will now be protected even less.

The elimination of the system of compulsory insurance can become deadly for American medicine. In the end, for fear of the high cost of medical services, people will put off going to the doctor, and therefore their condition will only worsen.

In addition to the potential loss of health insurance for more than 20 mil people, the elimination of the act the ACA may also lead to what is already infected with the coronavirus people will not be able to receive medical care.

Can also be denied medical care to those people who have received complications of coronavirus that causes chronic inflammation of the lungs and kidneys, stroke and heart failure.

In addition, the elimination of programs in dire will affect owners of small and medium-sized businesses. These are the people that are heavily affected by the pandemic. Once without the support of ACA, they come face to face with the disease, the treatment of which they now cannot pay.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic revealed the many challenges in the U.S. health care system. There are shortcomings in the system of Obamacare that need to be addressed. There is still a lot of time to reform, but the question is whether it was appropriate to abolish the system completely at this difficult time for the country, when the coronavirus every day thousands of people die.

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