Destroy the Earth Anunnaki? The forecast of participants of “Battle of psychics” (photo)


Уничтожат ли Землю аннунаки? Прогноз участницы «Битвы экстрасенсов» (фото)

The mystery of the sinister planet Nibiru does not give rest to the professionals involved in UFOlogy. And citizens around the world the topic of Nibiru is of great interest. The planet killer still has not been seen even by the most powerful telescope, but numerologists, conspiracy theorists and astrologers regularly scare people approaching the date of the end of the world. So, according to some experts, Nibiru was supposed to destroy the Earth 10 or August 12, 2019. But our planet is once again survived.

While ufologists calculate the next date the fatal collision of a planet-killer with the Earth, in the press there are articles about different kinds of abnormal phenomena. The Black sea flood unknown worms that attack tourists in a mountain lake in Chechnya in the eyes of the amazed crowd down a creature with wings. Ufologists immediately dubbed these creatures the alien. Namely, scouts from Nibiru who must collect information about earthlings before their invasion, and to catch up with a bit of fear.

Уничтожат ли Землю аннунаки? Прогноз участницы «Битвы экстрасенсов» (фото)A creature with wings

Ufologists believe that the indigenous inhabitants of Nibiru — the Anunnaki mentioned in the times of the Sumerians, before the invasion of Earth, where they according to legend, once life began, are going to replace a part of the population. And it’s, like, already happening. For example, recently the press has reported that in India, a girl child from an alien from Nibiru. Want — believe, want — is not present, but the child was born with fused legs resembled the tail of a mermaid. The baby, who, unfortunately, died several hours after birth, the doctors couldn’t even determine gender.

Уничтожат ли Землю аннунаки? Прогноз участницы «Битвы экстрасенсов» (фото)

Experts in extraterrestrial civilizations insist on the absence of genetic abnormalities in this baby. On the contrary, the baby was born completely healthy but due to the fact that his genes are not human, and therefore able to survive in the face of the Earth, the baby immediately after birth has died. Ufologists said that this child is the fruit of intercourse of man and of alien. The inhabitants of the planet Nibiru, which plans to destroy humanity as a species, can take any form, even human, so no wonder that the woman who carried the “enemy” did not even know about who is “real” father.

However, in this case, there is an earthly explanation. According to scientists, born in India, the child suffered from sirenomelia, or mermaid syndrome. Mermaid syndrome, occurs in one case per 100 thousand births of healthy babies. Causes of genetic failure, which becomes a decisive factor in the birth of children, mermaids, science is not yet known.

Are actually the Anunnaki to grab the Land? Parapsychologist and member of “Battle of psychics” Larissa Grave sure in the plans of the indigenous inhabitants of Nibiru does not include the destruction of humanity.

Уничтожат ли Землю аннунаки? Прогноз участницы «Битвы экстрасенсов» (фото)— No matter how hard scientists to refute the theory of the existence of Nibiru, many researchers in the field of UFOlogy, parapsychology, astronomy and other similar Sciences are inclined to believe that this planet still exists, — says Larisa Grave in an interview with “FACTS.” — According to some, even now at NASA have been observing and researching this planet and its possible inhabitants. And precisely because of its perceived danger, these studies remain classified or even refuted.

The first written mention of this planet date back to the XII century, but until now, its existence raises many questions and disputes. And, apparently, by the representatives of the Nibiru did not want to be declassified, because then our planet, scientists would study them until conducting a variety of experiments.

There is a theory that possible the inhabitants of the planet Nibiru, studying earthlings, or even visit Earth. And this is not surprising. It has long been clear that we are not the only civilization in the Universe, and one of them could exist on Nibiru.

The theory that the Earth will perish from Nibiru, personally I think it’s absurd. I, as a parapsychologist, studying such phenomena, has long studied the phenomenon of Nibiru. This planet will not collide with Earth purposefully. After all, if you support the version of the existence of Nibiru life, then they will destroy himself. From the standpoint of physics and astronomy, any alien body that will collide with the Earth at high speed and be larger, it can kill or cause serious harm. But if such a threat existed, it would be predicted to official sources, and the planet would already be clearly visible in a telescope, at least. But it is impossible to see.

The full text of what the planet Nibiru and are the aliens to take over Earth, visit the website of “FACTS”

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