Determined drugs that can cause diabetes

A study conducted jointly by Italian and British scientists has shown that anti-inflammatory drugs glucocorticoids can increase a person risk of developing diabetes.

Определены лекарства, способные вызывать диабет

Doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for a long or short period of time to treat a number of diseases, from allergies to arthritis. In their joint project, scientists from the University “Sapienza” in Rome and at Oxford University came to the conclusion that one of the side effects of these drugs can be the development of diabetes.
Specialists conducted an experiment in 16 healthy men. Participants during the week was administered 1 or 10-milligram doses of the glucocorticoid prednisolone. These dose – the amount that doctors usually prescribe to their patients.
At the end of the week subjects were measured as conventional biomarkers (the level of fasting blood sugar and weight) and metabolic markers. As a result, scientists have discovered that the use of medications negatively influenced the mechanisms of regulation of blood sugar levels. In the long term, the researchers note, this may increase the likelihood of developing diabetes.
“This is the first study that examined short-term metabolic effects of generally prescribed doses of glucocorticoids to healthy men and it showed that even at low doses of these drugs the metabolism of glucose in the body is disturbed, which indicates the increased risk of diabetes with prolonged treatment,” stated one of the study’s authors, Professor Ricardo FIU.

According to him, scientists obtained results indicate a great need to very carefully choose to patients the dosage of anti – inflammatory drug, otherwise, the potential risks of the treatment they may be of greater use.
However, researchers point to the need for more extensive and more conclusive studies to confirm the reliability of the current results, according to the portal Medical News Today.