Determined important for heart health habits

The cardiologist from Italy Giulio Stefanini spoke about the habits that have a positive impact on heart health. And the keywords he calls a restful sleep.

Определены важные для здоровья сердца привычки

That is sufficient for the duration of quality sleep helps the heart to maintain its functionality. Lack of sleep significantly increases stress levels, affecting, respectively, and on the heart itself. A kind of boundary in this case are 6 hours of rest a day, if a person sleeps less, then the risk of heart diseases maximum.

Also, according to the newspaper “latest news”, it is very important for a full Breakfast, as it provides workability for the whole day. This reduces the risk of developing arteriosclerotic plaques, which represent the initial danger. It is worth noting the usefulness of the Mediterranean diet as it is most suited to the body. Should definitely eat a sufficient amount of olive oil and walnuts, because they significantly reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases. In this respect, will also help the milk and yogurt.

Do not forget about some of the signs that in the early stages indicate the existence of heart problems. Is shortness of breath, chest pain and irregular heartbeat.

“The correct way of life is an important strategy from the point of view of primary prevention for those who have no heart disease, but who have to work in order to reduce the risk of problems with existing illnesses”, — said Stefanini.