Determined the cause of sudden aging after 30 years

Cause premature aging of the brain and body as a whole was the so-called metabolic syndrome — a comprehensive disruption of metabolic and hormonal systems, followed by numerous clinical manifestations. Metabolic syndrome, as found by scientists from the United States, leads to accelerated aging after the age of thirty.

Определена причина резкого старения после 30 лет

The analysis of data collected among more than two thousand patients thirty five to fifty five years, indicates the existence of a clear correlation between the metabolic syndrome and reduced brain volume. The last is a sign of aging mental body, occurring against the background of aging of the organism as a whole.

“Violations of metabolism are a much more serious problem than is commonly believed. That’s not the only factor of obesity, diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also cause accelerated aging in middle age” — say the authors of the study, the staff of the medical faculty at Harvard medical school in Boston.

Scientists say that increase the body’s resistance to negative factors provoked by metabolic syndrome, it is possible with optimization of nutrition and physical activity. “A large number of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, fish, unsaturated fats are the basis of the diet for people prone to metabolic disorders”, adds Rebecca Angoff, one of the authors of the study.