Diagnosis menu: pull to certain products can indicate disease

It is no secret that food has a huge impact on our health and condition. But, it turns out, craving for certain foods can be a symptom of problems in the body.

Диагноз по меню: тяга к определенным продуктам может указать на болезни

For example, if you are drawn to salty, although in the past you did not notice and a successor is not expected, it can be a sign of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system or a sign of low immunity for some reason.

Addiction to sweets may indicate problems with the digestive system, namely the violation of the microflora. Many undesirable bacteria and fungi that can cause disease, are very fond of sugar and can make you too to fall in love overly sweet – not to stay hungry. In women, the addiction to sweets may also be a sign of a fungal infection of the reproductive organs.

Craving for bitter and spicy foods may be due to metabolic disorders especially fat metabolism. Eat spicy body tries to solve this problem, since spicy foods have a stimulating effect. For example, red pepper accelerates metabolism and the digestive process.

If you wanted nuts or seeds, perhaps you are missing vitamin E and healthy fatty acids. A desire to eat milk product can talk about the problems with the mucosa of the esophagus or stomach.

Of course, craving for some foods can not be used for diagnosis. But it will help to notice something was wrong if there are other symptoms of those or other bodies.