Diaz – Masvidal: live knockout match of “major gangsters” UFC

Диаз – Масвидаль: видео нокаута поединка «главных гангстеров» UFC

In the night from 2 for November 3 in new York at the famous Madison Square Garden was the tournament of mixed martial arts UFC 244, the main fight which was the fight between American Jorge Masvidal (34 wins, 15 of them by knockout, 13 losses) and his compatriot Nate Diaz (20 wins, 4 of them by knockout, 12 losses).

At stake the match was an unusual title — the soldiers gambled for the title of “chief gangster UFC” (The Baddest of them motherfuckers). By the way, interest in the battle was so high that he personally visited the President of the United States Donald trump.

Диаз – Масвидаль: видео нокаута поединка «главных гангстеров» UFC

As for the fight itself, it came with the advantage of Masvidal. Diaz received a deep cut over his right eye, and in the end, it was decided to stop the fight in the fourth round in the interest of safety for the fighter.

Диаз – Масвидаль: видео нокаута поединка «главных гангстеров» UFCDissection Diaz



If I’m disappointed? Yes, I would. I just told Nate that we’d do it again. You expressed to me respect — I am ready to return the favor. The UFC, let’s do it again. I don’t like to leave the octagon when the opponent is in the mind. I will satisfy only one result: when the opponents crucified. Today I failed, so we will repeat. Any way we repeat, new York. We gave three excellent rounds, so don’t buzz me, and that, too, could get a triple combo with a soda. I’m beat, and it’s not my fault that the doctor stopped the fight. All I can do is give him a rematch, “said Masvidal after the match.


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