Did Aaron Judge play his last game with the Yankees?

Did Aaron Judge play his last game with the Yankees?


Now that the New York Yankees season is over, there's one question that's burning the lips of club fans: Will Aaron Judge be back? 

The star, who has just had a fantastic season, could become a free agent in the coming weeks. 

“I haven’t even thought about the next step yet. We have time to reflect on the matter. I've never been in this situation before,” Judge said Monday night after the Yankees lost in four games to the Houston Astros.

The Big Apple Reporters insisted and asked the 30-year-old athlete if he wanted to continue his association with the Bronx Bombers.

“I have been clear about this since I first wore the uniform. But, we couldn't get along until spring camp. I'm going to become a free agent and we'll see what happens,” he replied.

Break the bank

Judge had refused a proposed seven-year contract, worth a total of $213.5 million on the first day of this campaign. Many claim that he will get a lot more money soon, including his teammate Anthony Rizzo.

“What he gets will be astronomical and he deserves it,” he told MLB.com. He bet on himself on the biggest stage possible, in the biggest market, and did it with ease. He should be rewarded as the highest paid player in our sport.”

In 157 games in 2022, Judge has batted .311 and hit 62 home runs.


While he didn't want to say what his intentions are for the rest of his career, Judge allowed himself to be proud of what he did in his seven seasons with the Yankees.

“Having the chance to wear the striped uniform and play in right field at Yankee Stadium was an incredible honor, he expressed. I certainly didn't take that for granted. I always took a moment to realize it before the games. I was saying a little prayer, looking around the stadium and pinching myself.”

“There are very few people who have the chance to run on this field and play in front of these fans”, added Judge.