Died 4 years ago, the player of Schalke found alive

Погибший 4 года назад игрок "Шальке" найден живым

Hianik Kamba

The ex-defensive end Gelsenkirchen “Schalke 04” Hianik Kamba, 9 January 2016 was officially presumed dead, was alive, says Bild.

It was assumed that the player died in a car accident, but now it turned out that 33-year-old Hianny that has Congolese roots, living in Germany, in the Ruhr area.

There is a theory that Kamba decided to fake his death. The Essen Prosecutor’s office began to investigate the matter, suspicion fell on a footballer’s wife. She is accused of providing false documents about her husband’s death, with the purpose of obtaining insurance payments.

Погибший 4 года назад игрок "Шальке" найден живым