Died a famous composer who wrote soundtracks for more than 400 movies and TV shows

Italian composer Ennio Morricone died in Rome. The winner of the award “Oscar” and author of numerous soundtracks, including the westerns, was 91. About it writes BBC.

Умер известный композитор, написавший саундтреки к более чем к 400 фильмам и сериалам

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Morricone died in the night of Monday, June 6, in one of the Roman hospitals from the effects of trauma after a fall. Previously, he was hospitalized with a broken hip.

The funeral Ennio Morricone will take place in a private form, said the family of the composer.

Your way to fame Morricone began in the Roman ensemble, Alberto Flamini, then worked as an arranger of songs for radio and television shows. In the movie he debuted in 1961 when he was already over 30. What film music have brought Morricone international fame and numerous awards, including two awards “Oscar”.

During his more than half-century career, Morricone has written music for more than 400 movies and TV series, working with outstanding Italian, French and American Directors.

Four of the most memorable period in the composer’s work.

Spaghetti westerns and Sergio Leone

The first success of the young composer was the soundtrack to the Italian westerns (spaghetti westerns) from the so-called “Dollar trilogy” directed by Sergio Leone. The Italian producer was able to breathe new life into the fading at that time, the genre, demonstrating unconventional and innovative creative approach. The abundance of close-UPS, long — up to 10 minute breaks, short and biting dialogues — all this was accompanied by a shrill, intense music with a predominance of trumpet and harmonica, and also including the whip sounds, Jew’s harp and revolver shots.

Trilogy about “the man with no name” played by Clint Eastwood quickly became a classic of world cinema, as well as its prequel — “One day in the Wild West”. The music for the latter was one of the best selling soundtracks in the history of cinema. Later, Morricone write the music for another masterpiece by Leone — gangster drama “Once in America”, which was already filmed in Hollywood.

The composer later confessed that he doesn’t like talking about him as the “expert on Western movies”. “It’s only a small percentage of the music I wrote”, — said Morricone.

Classics of Italian cinema

In the late 1960s, Morricone begins to move away from brought him resounding fame of the music for spaghetti westerns. It diversifies its creative Arsenal, and works with the most outstanding representatives of Italian cinema: for Bernardo Bertolucci wrote the music for an epic drama “the Twentieth century”; for pier Paolo Pasolini — creates the soundtrack to the controversial film “the Flower of 1001 nights” and “Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom”; for Dario Argento — composes songs for horror films-Giallo “the Cat of nine tails and Four flies on grey velvet”.

Success in Hollywood, working with Tarantino

The growing demand and popularity of Morricone in Europe helped him to move overseas and begin active work in the Hollywood studios. The first Hollywood movie to which he wrote the music — “the exorcist 2” — success at the box office was not, however, subsequent projects often took place among the screen classics. Among them — Fi horror “the thing” is John carpenter, crime drama “the untouchables” by Brian De Palma and the historical drama “the Mission” Roland Joffe.

Among the fans of Morricone in Hollywood was Quentin Tarantino, who actively used his music from the spaghetti westerns in his films. Double-Tarantino managed to work with the Italian classic directly — Morricone wrote the soundtrack to the movie “Django unchained” and “Disgusting eight” filled with amagami and references to the classic Italian westerns of the 1960s-1970s years.

Despite the abundance of job offers in Hollywood, Morricone refused to move overseas and continued to live in Italy until the end of his days. In addition, he never mastered the English language.

“I was offered a free house in Hollywood, but I said, “No thanks, I prefer to live in Rome,” he said.

Belmondo and “72 meters”

Morricone worked extensively with French filmmakers. Here biggest success brought him the music for the films featuring Jean-Paul Belmondo: “Fear over the city”, “Outside the law” and “Professional”. The music for the latter was the hallmark of Morricone and largely overshadowed by the popularity of the film itself, which, however, became a box office hit in the Soviet Union.

Once draw Morricone cooperation managed by the Russian producers: in 2004, the Italian was the author of the music for the disaster movie by Vladimir Khotinenko “72 meters”.