Died boxer, tough knockout in the undercard of the battle of the Moustache (video)

Умер боксер, жестко нокаутированный в андеркарде боя Усика (видео)

On 28-th year of life died an American boxer Patrick day (17 wins, 6 of them by knockout, 4 losses, 1 draw), who was brutally knocked out in the last round of his fight against his compatriot Charles Conwell held at Wintrust Arena in Chicago on the undercard of our fight Alexander Usik vs Cassa Witherspoon.

After a series of strikes from Conwell in the 10th round of the day fell to the canvas, and then with rolled eyes remained lying virtually motionless, while doctors tried to revive him.

Умер боксер, жестко нокаутированный в андеркарде боя Усика (видео)

Patrick left the ring only on a stretcher, then was taken to the hospital in Chicago. On the way to the hospital the boxer suffered convulsions and fell into a coma. In the hospital the athlete was immediately carried out operation, but dey had not regained consciousness.

A few days after the battle Conwell sent a day letter to the hospital. “Dear Patrick, I never wanted to happened to that. All I wanted was to win. If I could turn back time, I would have done it. No one deserves such. I keep replaying the fight in my head over and over again, wondering why this happened to you. Can’t stop thinking about you and pray. I shed many tears, because I can’t even imagine how I’d feel with my family. See you wherever I went. Everywhere I hear about you and hear only good. Was thinking about retirement, but I guess you wouldn’t want to do it. Know that you are a fighter to the bone, so decided to continue playing. But my motivation to winning the title it’ll be you, “wrote Conwell.

Unfortunately, numerous prayers have helped — dey died in hospital. “On behalf of the family, team, friends and loved ones want to thank everyone for your support and prayers. He was a worthy son, a good brother, a good friend. His kindness, positive attitude and spiritual generosity has made a lasting impression on everyone he met in life“, — said the American promoter Lou DiBella.

Note that this is the third event of the death of a boxer over the last few months. At the end of July died the Russian Maxim Dadashev after a knockout in a duel with Cabriales Matias of Puerto Rico, and a few days later it became known that fatally ended the fight, which was a draw for Argentine Hugo Alfredo Santillana.


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