Died iconic American actor, a favorite of Tarantino and Lynch (photo)

Умер культовый американский актер, любимец Тарантино и Линча (фото)

Friday, October 11, in Los Angeles at the age of 78 years died of brain cancer known American actor Robert Forster. His career began in the late 60s, and the last work was the role in the film “El Camino” which is a continuation of the cult crime series “breaking bad”. Ironically the actor died in the day of the premiere of this picture.

Robert Wallace Forster, Jr. was born July 13, 1941 in Rochester, new York. The school was visited by Morris dancers, good singing. However, parents insisted that their son went to University to be a psychologist. Robert a secret from them, students attend drama club. As a result, he managed to get a small role in the famous musical “West side story”.

It was followed by many more cameo appearances, and invitations to participate in the Broadway production. In 1967, Forster finally decided to connect his life with film and moved to Los Angeles. There he got a job as an ordinary worker at the Studio 20th Century Fox. And then unexpectedly got a role in the film “reflections in a Golden eye” by partnering with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando!

Умер культовый американский актер, любимец Тарантино и Линча (фото)Frame from the film “Stuntmen” 1977

Only 10 years he received his first career lead role. He played in the film “Stunt” that took place also in the Soviet hire. Then followed a period of filming in horror films and action movies — “Black hole”, “alligator”, “Detachment “Delta”. All of these paintings were expecting a big commercial success.

But then about Forster seemed to have forgotten. If he had managed to do, it was small roles in mediocre films. The return of Robert in the mainstream occurred in 1997 with Quentin Tarantino. He has already acquired the status of a cult Director, as well as the reputation of the filmmaker, which gives a second life to famous actors in the past. In pulp fiction, John Travolta played Hitman, and it gave an incredible boost to his career. Going to remove the “Jackie brown”, Tarantino decided to give the main actress pam Grier. And then invited for the role of bail bondsman Forster. And guessed right on all hundred! For this role the actor was nominated for the award “Oscar”.

Умер культовый американский актер, любимец Тарантино и Линча (фото)Pam Grier and Robert Forster in kriminalnoj drama “Jackie brown”

After Tarantino with Robert agreed to actively work the other iconic film Director David Lynch. The actor got his role in the film “Mulholland drive”. Then Lynch took Forster in “twin Peaks” (feature film released in 2017).

Robert was married twice. With the first wife June Provenzano he met when he studied at the University of Rochester. They lived together for nine years. June gave birth to three daughters. The second wife of actor became Zivia Forster. Their marriage was short — two years. The actor has also left an illegitimate son Robert Forster III. He was born in 1965, before Forster married Provencano.

filmed often with Jean-Paul Belmondo. They were friends for over 40 years.

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