Died the programmer, simplifying the lives of most people on the planet

At the age of 74 years died Larry Tesler was one of the first programmers played a key role in the fact that computers became accessible to all, and not only to specialists, the BBC reports.

Умер программист, упростивший жизнь большинства людей на планете

Photo: screenshot YouTube video/Computer History Museum

Tesler, in particular, has developed and implemented the “cut-copy-paste” (Ctrl+x/Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v), as well as many others, thanks to which the personal computer has become simple to master and use.

Lawrence (Larry) Tesler was born in new York Bronx in 1945, the year of the end of world war II, and then studied at Stanford University in California.

After graduation, he began to develop user interface, that is specialized in how to make personal computers more understandable to the ordinary consumer with a set of specific commands, graphics, etc.

He began working in Silicon valley in the early 1960s, in the years when computers were only available to professionals.

During his long career, he has worked in various major technology companies, starting with Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Parc) until Steve jobs lured him to Apple, where Tesler spent 17 years.

Xerox has posted on its account on “Twitter” photo of the scientist, remembering his achievements.

Умер программист, упростивший жизнь большинства людей на планете

Photo: Twitter screenshot

“Inventor commands such as Ctrl+x/Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v; Ctrl+h (cut/copy/paste; find and replace), and many others — a former employee of Xerox, Larry Tesler. Your work day is easy, thanks to its revolutionary ideas.”

After leaving Apple Tesler has launched its own education startup and for some time worked with Amazon and Yahoo.

Giving in 2012 interview Bi-bi-si, he said about Silicon valley: “It became almost a ritual: after you earn some money, you don’t just go into retirement and do what starting my own company.”

“There is a special magnetism that you can share what he learned with the next generation,” he said.

Computer rebel

It is possible that the most widely known innovation Teszler function Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v have the basis of the old method of editing when people manually cut out pieces of text and then pasted it somewhere else.

This command was integrated into the software of Apple on one of the early computers the Lisa in 1983 and then the first Macintosh, which was released the following year.

Умер программист, упростивший жизнь большинства людей на планете

Photo: Twitter screenshot

The computer history Museum in Silicon valley has honored the memory of a scientist, writing on Twitter: “Today we say goodbye to Larry Teszler. Tesler came up with the idea of “cut-copy-paste” by combining the scientific approach of the scientist-Informatics with rebellious vision, believing that computers should be accessible to all”.






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