Diet: minus 15 kg in 4 weeks

This system of nutrition for weight loss proven by a large number of people in just a month managed to achieve stunning results.

Яичная диета: минус 15 кг за 4 недели

If someone wants to get in shape, dropping weight, then diet is just what you need. On this diet you will not experience hunger, and weight will decline with remarkable speed. Just a week on the egg diet you will see with your own eyes that have lost 3 to 6 pounds, and this is only the beginning! If you can survive all 4 weeks “egg-orange” weight loss then the balance will show a minus of 15-20 kg.

Features egg diet:

1. Breakfast for all four weeks will be the same: half orange or grapefruit with 1-2 eggs, hard-boiled. Most likely, within 28 days of the order you get tired of eating in the morning is the same, but for such a stunning result you can try.

2. For lunch and dinner, you can set your personal constraints on the number of approved products. Although, the egg diet allows you to eat “till you drop”, the main thing is not to depart from the main menu.

3. All three meals.

4. Drink enough water and exclude from the diet alcoholic beverages as well as carbonated drinks.

5. To add, to swap, to leave groceries, then to eat them, it is impossible.

Breakfast is all clear, and what dinners could be:

— boiled eggs and vegetables, low-fat hard cheese;

— fried meat with tomato and orange;

baked meat with fresh cucumbers or lettuce;

— fish in any form except smoked and salted;

— fruits or vegetables that should eat like the mono-diet, that is nothing.

Dinners are a bit similar with breakfasts and dinners, consider them in more detail:

— fresh cucumbers, canned without oil tuna fish 100 gr, a slice of dried bread and a grapefruit or orange;

— one of any fruit or vegetable;

— boiled fowl with steamed vegetables;

— salad of cabbage and other vegetables;

— eggs and salad from fresh vegetables with a small amount of oil

— fruit salad.

The only thing that allowed nutritionists, so it’s creating menu in the order you want. Most importantly, each day losing weight eat something new and he would not want to stay more full.

By the way, the cholesterol contained in eggs will be practically eliminated from the blood vessels, and all because eggs are used together with citrus fruit, able to withdraw excess cholesterol from the body.