“Diet of Maya Plisetskaya”: Kirkorov has told how he managed to lose 30 kg (video)

«Диета Майи Плисецкой»: Киркоров рассказал, как ему удалось похудеть на 30 кг (видео)

The king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov, gently congratulated recently Ani Lorak birthday, said that to effectively lose weight — 30 pounds — helps him on a strict diet. His secret, he shared in a broadcast on Russian TV channels.

In response to the question of how he manages to stay fit, the singer stated that diet ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.

“Do not eat. It is a diet of Maya Plisetskaya,” said the godfather of the daughter of lorac Sofia.

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Also Kirkorov added that the refused sweet and carbonated drinks and has been practicing intermittent fasting for a duration of 16-18 hours.

Kirkorov admitted that, because he can’t afford to “seize” the stress, he comes to the aid shopping.

By early summer, the artist has lost 12 pounds, and by the fall of thrown all 30. Despite his words about diet, the singer was suspected of deceit, after a sharp weight loss is reflected on the skin. However, the singer, when asked about liposuction, just laughed it off.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the fans made fun of Kirkorov for ridiculous calling him “knitted Anaconda”.

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