Dietitian called illnesses that do not eat potatoes and carrots

Dietitian Elena Solomatina said, in what diseases need to be careful to eat root vegetables.

Врач-диетолог назвала болезни, при которых не стоит есть картофель и морковь

For example, carrot and radish should not eat raw if you suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and potato dishes should not lean, if you have diabetes.

“Diseases of the digestive tract problem may be particularly acute and raw root vegetables. You need to understand that the tissue that they are rich, can irritate the digestive system and provoke the attacks of pain, if you have any problems in this sphere”, — said Solomatin.

People who have problems with excess weight, should not eat too many cooked carrots. “Boiled carrots or potatoes significantly increases the glycemic index, and should be considered citizens who are prone to metabolic syndrome. Patients with diabetes also need to be careful when eating cooked carrots”, — said Solomatin.

The specialist noted that if lightly fried carrots, it contained beta-carotene will be assimilated better, and root, thus, will not irritate the digestive tract. Potatoes, in turn, becomes a great source of potassium, if you eat it in baked form (potassium good for the heart).