Dietitian gave advice on how to replace harmful useful

You cannot imagine how many bad habits prevent us to lose weight. Some of them relate to food and some to our way of life. Nutritionist Kristina Sheremetyeva, who previously told how to cope with evening appetite and gave effective advice on how to replace harmful useful. About this expert told on his page on Instagram.

Диетолог дала советы, как заменить вредное на полезное

One only has to replace some products and activity and the weight will start to leave.

Mayonnaise, natural yoghurt

Perfect – home-made yoghurt. We replace the mayonnaise with yogurt 20%, 40% and so on until you replace the bad product useful. With the gradual replacement you will have time to adapt to the new taste.

Dessert – dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. One is enough wedges to cheer myself up and to stifle the appetite. Use this secret when you need a quick bite to eat.

Butter – cottage cheese with a small percentage of fat.

Spread a thin layer of this cheese on whole wheat bread and healthy snack ready. Can add cheese chopped fresh herbs to taste or spices.

Harmful snacks at snack – vegetables, dried fruit, nuts

We have during the day should be 2-3 snacks a day. Let it be the right snacks that will help maintain ideal weight and not gain extra pounds.

Flour and starch – vegetables

During preparation of soups and sauces, use as a thickener puree of onions, carrots or celery instead of flour or starch. More benefit + brand new taste.

Carbonated water green/herbal tea

In juices and sodas many calories and they help the appearance of cellulite. But green tea quenches thirst and equate it to water.

The Elevator –stairs

The stairs will help burn calories and pump up the muscles of buttocks. A great easy exercise!

Late dinner – time

Eat dinner no later than 19-20 hours, and the evening dedicate yourself: make a mask for hair and face, read your favorite book, go for a walk.

TV – communication

Often while watching TV we eat something. Either control yourself or prefer walking with friends, Board games or hobby.

Buns – sport

Sport boosts serotonin levels and helps shape a beautiful body. From him you will get more use and enjoyment than fast carbs of the bun.