Difficult to predict the harvest

Hard to predict harvest


To know exactly what will happen during a small game hunting trip, you would have to have the skills of a soothsayer. There is no doubt that the temperature, again, can affect the success of the hunt.

A reader told me coming back from a small game hunting trip in a reserve and that the harvest had been almost nil, even though he was there for the opening. Knowing exactly what happened without having been in the field can be difficult.

There are factors such as the temperature in the spring. If there has been a lot of rain, the young may have perished in their nest. Grouse and grouse nest on the ground. There are also the predators that may have given these populations a hard time. We must not forget the visibility which is not very good when the leaves are still present and the vegetation on the ground is not coated by frost. These are factors that no one can control.


I can give the example of the Ashuapmushuan wildlife reserve, recognized for the excellence of its territory for harvesting small game. At the start of the season, the hunters were having difficulty, but as soon as the weather changed and the frost came at night, everything was back to normal. Hunters have had great success.

Ruffed grouse and grouse have preferred habitats that need to be scouted.

In the case of the grouse, it mainly looks for habitats with coniferous trees, sand on the ground and always an exit door with mature forest where it can take refuge quickly if necessary. One of the characteristics of this species is that very often it does not go very far. If the bird rises in front of you, you have to follow it with your eyes to know where it will land. Grouse are often several together.

For the grouse, it likes forest roads that have hay and alders on the edge. He often comes to eat small stones on the road to help his digestion. She likes to have a nearby stream and, again, a mature forest to save herself, if necessary. In her case, she will not be very long before stopping. It often runs in zigzags and tries to hide to outsmart you and get up to surprise you, so you have to take the time to move very slowly and examine the area around you.


Small game hunting can be done in several ways.

There are hunters who like to walk along small paths, often in the company of their dog. Others, especially in the case of wildlife reserves or outfitters where there are a lot of logging roads, will do it by car.

Personally, I have opted for the use of a quad for several years. These vehicles allow you to cover a lot of territory, to have access to paths where the car cannot pass. Also, you can act quickly and get out of the vehicle, to load your gun and fire.

I have often noticed that many people drive quickly in vehicles and look almost exclusively at the road. Our group has had great success over time, because by riding quietly, no faster than a man's pace, you have the chance to flush out birds that often hide in the band of six or eight. feet along the roads. Very often, they will let you pass to get out into the road behind you. By scanning literally the sides of the roads, you will certainly experience more success.

So, again this season, small game will be there. However, it must be understood that it is not necessarily on the road or on the trail, in front of you. Exploring your surroundings methodically can bring you success. /p>

The 21st edition of the Héritage Faune foundation benefit dinner will be held on November 25, at the Hôtel Plaza Québec, under the honorary presidency of Sépaq President and CEO, Jacques Caron. This event is still held for the benefit of the next generation in hunting and fishing. 

The cost of the ticket is $195. You can buy your tickets online, at fedecp.com, under the tickets tab, or by phone at 418 878-8901, ext. 4.


During this big game hunting season, you may have difficulty finding your game. The best thing to do to help you and make your life easier is to use the services of a blood dog handler who is a member of the Quebec Blood Dog Drivers Association. A wounded animal, even if it is not bleeding, gives off odors that only a trained dog can pick up. You can find the list of drivers in your area by going to accsq.com. A responsible way not to lose game.


The price list for Sépaq Anticosti hunting packages is published for 2023. The price range is presented differently this season, while the price of air transport is separate from that of the stay. The round trip from Mont-Joli will cost $995 per hunter and $1,395 from Quebec or Montreal. For more information, simply consult the sepaq.com website under the hunting tab, Sépaq Anticosti or call 1 800 665-6527.

Hard to predict harvest