Digital ministerial proofs: $ 4.5 million to a company that has already crashed

Digital Departmental Evidence: $4.5M to Company which has already crashed


The technology provider criticized for the major data leak at the La Place 0-5 counter has received a $4.5 million contract from the government to create the platform for on-screen ministerial tests in the schools.

After the personal information of thousands of parents registered at the La Place 0-5 daycare access counter was stolen in May 2021, InMedia Technologies had been strongly criticized for its poor management of data deemed sensitive. The data of the Minister of the Family Mathieu Lacombe, whose child was attending daycare at the time, had even been manipulated in the context of this affair.

However, it is this same company which was mandated to develop the digital exam management platform, which will host the ministry's exams in digital mode in the future.

The platform developed by InMedia Technologies will be used for “the design, administration, administration, correction and monitoring of the results of the ministerial tests”, explained Esther Chouinard, head of press relations at the Ministry of Education. /p>

Note that the contract had been awarded a few months before the data leak to La Place 0-5, in February 2021, after a call for tenders launched in the summer of 2020.

< p>The amount of the contract is $4,498,450.


The shift to on-screen testing alone already raised some questions about security surrounding exam content. In recent years, “confidentiality breaches” have also hit the headlines, leading to the modification of ministerial proofs.

The security problems that InMedia Technologies has recently experienced could therefore be cause for concern.

While the first digital examinations of the ministry will take place during the next school year, the Ministry of Education assures that means will be put in place to prevent personal data and sensitive information contained in the platform from being made public, and to reduce breaches of confidentiality.

The department anticipates a reduction in leakage due to the gradual reduction in the handling and storage required for the distribution of hard copies. “No one will have access to the proofs before the very moment of the handover (…), and it will be impossible to copy a proof (except by taking pictures of the screen),” we said. to the QMI Agency by email.

The platform will be protected in several ways. All connections, content and test results will be “permanently encrypted, encrypted and secure”, and “technical vulnerability management and firewall protocols” will be applied “at multiple levels”.

< p> “In addition to all the measures taken by InMedia to ensure the robustness of the platform, internal and external security tests are carried out on a regular basis by external security experts,” added the ministry's press relations officer. of Education.

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