“Dinamo” — “Copenhagen”: online broadcast of the match of the Europa League

«Динамо» — «Копенгаген»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

On Thursday, 24 October, Dynamo will play at the capital’s “Olympic” the third match of the group stage of the Europa League. Opponents of the “white-blue” — the former club of Dynamo Benjamin verbicha, the 13-times champion of Denmark “Copenhagen” (beginning at 22:00).

“FACTS” will hold an online broadcast of the meeting of wards of Alexei Mikhailichenko and the Table of Solbakken, for which you will be able to follow the news.

Position in the group

After two rounds of “Copenhagen” and “Dynamo” scored four points and lead the standings of group B. the Vice-champion of Ukraine in the first round defeated in his field “Malmo” — 1:0, then played draw with “Lugano” — 0:0 (by the way, the “white-blue” holds the record for the number of peaceful outcomes in the main draw of the Europa League — 20). The Champions of Denmark started with a home win at the Swiss — 1:0, and then sold in Sweden world malmö — 1:1.

Standings in group b after two rounds: 1. “Copenhagen” — 4 points (goal difference — 1:0); 2. “Dynamo” — 4 (1:0); 3. “Lugano” — 1 (0:1); 4. “Malmo” — 1 (0:1)

Rivals in their respective leagues

Last Sunday, the rivals spent the next matches in the Championships of their countries. Dynamo on the main sports arena of Ukraine won the bronze prize-winner of “Alexandria” — 1:0 (Mikolenko, 32) and in the standings of the Premier League with 23 points up on second place.

In turn, the “Copenhagen” in the home match of the championship Denmark was stronger, “Esbjerg”, which occupies in the standings penultimate, 13-e a place — 3:1 (Santos, 21, 64, Sotiriou, 86 — Jakovenko, 90). Note that in the visitors consolation goal scored by the son of the famous Dynamo Pavel Yakovenko — 26-year-old Yuri Yakovenko. After 13 rounds, copenhageni with 28 points are second, one point behind with a game in hand of “Midtjylland”.

Staffing situation

The Dynamo in the upcoming meeting (and indeed this year) will not be able to count on the defender Mykyta Burda and goalkeeper Denys Boiko, who underwent surgery, and also “broken” in the camp of the national team of Hungary, and retired from action for a week and a half of the player of defence tamás kádár.

Even more serious problems “Copenhagen”, a infirmary which is not empty.

“Wind and Boilesen continue to work hard on his rehab process goes. Stefan Andersen have returned to the General group, Robert Mudraja more training with the team. Dame N’doye is also working hard to be ready again, but it is too early to say when it will be ready to return. We do step by step, he tries to remain calm, even while not playing”, said the coach of the Danes at Solbakken.

Also note that the Danes are injured main goalkeeper of the walls of Pricebest that Kiev will not play. Questionable part in the meeting on the “Olympic” defender Andreas Bjelland, replaced in the last meeting against the “Esbjerg” in the middle of the first half.

The Dynamo is more expensive twice

According to the authoritative German portal transfermarkt. de, the Dynamo is more expensive than the total cost of the players, “Copenhagen” more than two times (97,8 million euros compared to 43,9 million).

The list of most expensive players of the Ukrainian club formed: Victor Tsygankov (20 million euros), Benjamin of Verbic, Vitaly Nikolenko (both 6 million), Salt (5 million), and Tamas Kadar, Serhiy sydorchuk and Sidley (all 4.5 million).

As for the Danes, they are more than any other midfielder Viktor Fischer (7 million euros), the player of defence Victor Nelson (3 million), midfielder Rasmus Falk Jensen and striker Jonas Vind (2.5 million). In addition, five more players “Copenhagen” (Andreas Bjelland, Horvath Carlo Bartolec, Jens Stage, Greek with Portuguese roots of the Convict and the Uruguayan Michael Santos) are worth 2 million euros.

«Динамо» — «Копенгаген»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

Spanish striker Fran Salt after injury, while Dynamo did not score

The Lord who broke the jaw of the taxi driver

The most famous football player of “Copenhagen” — 31-year-old striker Nicklas Bendtner, who in the summer moved to team Solbakken of Norwegian Rosenborg. At the time, the attacker, the asset is 81 Mat and 30 goals in the national team of Denmark, with Juventus won the Italian League, with Arsenal — the FA Cup, with a “Wolfsburg” — the Cup and the Supercup of Germany, and with Rosenborg — the championship, Cup and super Cup in Norway.

In September last year, the footballer, in 2008, who scored Dynamo in the Champions League for Arsenal on the night streets of Copenhagen broke the jaw of the taxi driver and was later sentenced to 50 days of house arrest.

By the way, Niklas has long been leading a pretty rough life. He was seen in the fights, including with teammates, were arrested in England for offences appeared in public in a drunken state. Euro 2012 Nicklas has posted on their pants the advertising of betting agencies and at the celebration of a goal demonstrated an inscription owing to what was punished onomatopoe disqualification and a fine.

Some time Bentner met with Baroness Caroline Fleming, was close to the Royal family, and even started with the Baroness, but seven weeks after that they broke up. Because of this incident, for the player and has the nickname Lord. Recently the football player Dating model owl Roepstorff.

After moving to Copenhagen Bendtner only in the last match took to the field in the previously confining four outputs from the bench in the last 20-25 minutes of the match.

«Динамо» — «Копенгаген»: онлайн-трансляция матча Лиги Европы

The famous Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner

“Dynamo” against the representatives of Denmark

In its 54-year history of the UEFA Dynamo never played against Copenhagen, but was crossed with four other Danish clubs in 14 matches — nine wins, three draws and two defeats.

Photo of FC “Dynamo”, FC “Copenhagen”, Getty Images

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