“Dinamo” in the match with three penalties and the removal of one liberated “Alexandria” from claiming the Champions League (video)

"Динамо" в матче с тремя пенальти и одним удалением освободило "Александрию" от притязаний на Лигу Чемпионов (видео)


In a truncated match (the match Vorskla – Karpaty cancelled due to the outbreak of the pandemic in the composition of the Lvov) on 25-th round of Ukrainian Premier League Dynamo at the NSC “Olympic” has confidently understood with one of the competitors in the fight for a place in the Champions League – “Alexandria” – 5:1.

In the first half the referee from the Dnieper river Vitaliy Romanov confirmed the status of one of the harshest of arbitrators, appointing 3 penalties, two of which – the gate.

On 14 minutes, Vitaliy buialskyi missed the 11-meter (save Yuri Pankiv), but the quickest on the rebound was Tomas KENDZERA, which provided Buyalsky redeemability and midfielder Kiev skillfully used it – 1:0.

After 6 minutes in gate of visitors was appointed the second penalty – Nazar Rusin earned it and he realized it – 2:0.

On 31 th minute of the Novels saw a foul from the defender of Kiev Mohammed Kadiri in own penalty area in the fight with Artem Sitalo, and appointed a penalty already in gate of Denys Boyko. Dmytro hrechyshkin accurate shot returned to the intrigue in the match – 2:1.

However, 11 minutes later, after the game resumed in the second half, the partner Grechishkina – Kaspars Dubra this affair decided to bury. Latvian for some reason, in the middle of the field once again played roughly against Rusina and saw a second yellow card converted to red.

To finish off a wounded opponent was not the special work of Kiev – Vitaliy Mikolenko, Carlos De Pena and buialskyi again brought the matter to the defeat – 5:1.

The match review “the Dynamo” – “Alexandria” – on the website of the official broadcaster of the Premier League.

After this victory “the Dynamo” caught up with “Dawn” in the standings – both teams 46 points. 3 points from them behind “Desna”, which still retains chances for the second place.

“Alexandria” seems to be uncoupled from the composition, striving for the Champions League – the team of Vladimir Sharan behind Luhansk and Kiev is 6 points, and, respectively, 3 – from the “Gums”.

In the next round of “dawn” will meet “Dynamo” and “Alexandria” – “the Gum”. For someone 13th will be unlucky.