“Dinamo” lost to Kiev “the Gum”: a video review of matches of the Premier League

«Динамо» проиграло в Киеве «Десне»: видеообзоры матчей УПЛ

Sunday, September 15, fights in Mariupol and Kiev continued programme 7-th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

The Championship Of Ukraine. 7-th round

15 Sep

“Dynamo” (Kiev) — “Desna” (Chernigov) — 1:2 (Besedin, 49 — Kalitvintsev, 40, Filippov, 56). Youth teams — 2:1.

Dynamo: Boyko, Mikolenko, Burda, Kadar, Karavaev, Kadiri (Sol 85), buialskyi, Garmash (Shepelev, 74), de Pena (Rodriguez, 46), Tsygankov, Besedin.

“Mariupol” — “Olimpik” (Donetsk) — 1:1 (Kiryukhantsev, 42 — Imeri, 57). In the 62nd minute Politylo (Marseille) missed a penalty.

Kolos (Kovalivka) — “Lions” — 1:0 (Kostyshin, 87). Youth teams — 2:0.

14 Sep

“Shakhtar” (Donetsk) — “Zarya” (Lugansk) — 4:3 (Tyson, 42, Marlos, 54, Moraes, 60, 89 — Yurchenko, 10, Kochergin, 35, Lednev, 86). Youth teams — 3:0.

“Alexandria” — “Dnepr-1” — 2:0 (Dovgy, 54, Sitalo, 77). Youth teams — 5:1.

Karpaty (Lviv) — “the Vorskla” (Poltava) — 2:1 (Ponda, 70, penalty, Martens, 80 Benko, 40). Youth teams — 1:4.

The team of Aleksandr Ryabokon arrived in the capital in the status of the teams were in the standings above wards Alexei Mikhailichenko, who under new head coach couldn’t overcome the “Olympic” (1:1) and squandered a lead of two goals in the confrontation with the “Dawn” (2:2).

Mentor “white-blue” after the return of most players from the national teams of their countries, in particular, entrusted a place in “basis” Karavayev and besedino. At the same time “the Dynamo” left Monaco striker Rodriguez and defender of the national team of Poland KENDZERA, and disqualified for a red card in the game with Olimpik Slovenian Verbicha that during the pause UEFA scored two goals against the Israelis, of course, was not even in the application for the game.

In the first half, the visitors acted confidently and aggressively, little allowing the Dynamo to its goal. Moreover, the “gums” in a counterattack scored a: after “cross” from the flank Kartashova gate Boyko struck… ex-Dynamo player managed to score. In the last seconds of the half, “white-blue” has struck his first blow in the “frame” Pasta, but the referee after a header by de-Foam has not fixed a capture of gate of visitors, without being sure that the ball crossed the line the whole projection. Protests from the Uruguayan led only to a yellow card.

From sin Mickle during the break, replaced the Foam on de Rodriguez. And in the 49th minute, the Dynamo equalized: after a shot Kadiri Pastes was unable to secure the ball, and Besedin in the fall pushed it into the net (“gums” is not missed since July 30!). However, the answer the guys from Chernigov was even more spectacular: kick butt Filippova after a pass Kalitvintsev has came to a sight for sore eyes — 1:2.

Makes a series of Dynamo in all competitions to six (!) matches (three of them with Mickle). Thursday, September 19, on the “Olympic” in the framework of the Europa League will host the Swedish Malmo. And “Gum” with the victory — well-deserved second place in the table.

The review will be very short because the score, said after the final whistle head coach of “Dynamo” Alexei Mikhailichenko. In this game you can’t lose, even though that was not without errors. The players wanted to get a good result, struggled to the end, but any effort if they are not supported by goals… the Game is forgotten, and the bill remains.

A very unpleasant period of time both for me and for the team. In three matches we have lost a lot of points. Specifically, in this meeting a few mistakes undermined teamwork. Somewhere lacked the skill, somewhere- confidence. The Dynamo know how to play football, they should win. In structure, this match was at good enough level. But the score 1:2, and I understand you perfectly.

As for the impact de Foam — let them sort it out judges. They are the same VAR test, let them train.

— Who is responsible for fifth place in the table in percentage?

100% on the coaching staff. The team responsible for the game, and I have to answer for the result.

The battle in Mariupol, Donetsk “Olimpik” has brought a new coach, the 47-year-old Spaniard Vicente Gomez, formerly on the coaching staff of the Kiev “Dynamo”. In previous years, the Pitmen were hosted three times in the Azov city and invariably lost.

This time “Olimpik” has not only taken a draw, but could win. But above and beyond on the last line, “Mariupol” acted goalkeeper Khudzhamov, in particular, paronomasia 11-meter strike in the performance of the Polity.

In the third match of the day’s play, the home team was finally able to celebrate the success. Kolos from Kovalivka host capital rivals at “Obolon Arena”, spoiled the debut post of chief coach of “Lviv” Mr Maziar, at the same time interrupting his chetyrehmatchevaya series without a win in the Premier League. The decisive goal shortly before the final whistle scored by substitute, the son of the head coach “Spike” Denis Kostyshin.

Video review of the first half


1. Shakhtar 21 (7);

2. Desna — 14 (7);

3. Oleksandriya — 12 (7);

4. Zarya — 11 (7);

5. Kolos — 7 (6);

6. “Dinamo” — 8 (6);

7. “Dnepr-1” — 8 (7);

8. Karpaty — 8 (7);

9. “Mariupol” — 8 (6);

10. Vorskla — 7 (7);

11. Lviv — 6 (7);

12. “Olimpik” — 2 (7).

In 8-m round of the championship of Ukraine will play: “Dnepr-1” — “Karpaty” (September 20), “Lviv” — “Olimpik”, “dawn” — “Mariupol” (September 21), “Desna” — “Shakhtar”, “Shakhtar Donetsk” — “Dynamo” and “ear” — “Alexandria” (September 22).


Photo of FC “Dynamo”

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