Dinosaurs have died from the coronavirus: bookmakers take bets strange on the background of the pandemic

Among the many businesses and industries affected by the epidemic of the coronavirus that causes the bookmaker. With the cancellation of matches in the major sports leagues and the transfer of the main sporting event on the planet many of them have nothing to attract customers. Bookmakers are trying to do exotic things like the Tajik sports, and the cheerful offer to bet associated with the epidemic. About it writes BBC.

Динозавры вымерли от коронавируса: букмекерские конторы принимают странные ставки на фоне пандемии

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Want to bet that the real estate of US President Donald trump will be converted into a hospital? Please! Sure that the death of the dinosaurs to blame for the coronavirus? Will take a bet on it. Want to bet that before the end of this year there will be a computer game about COVID-2019? No problem, place your bets.

Although in General the days are sad. Almost instantly stopped the matches in the most spectacular sports and the largest sports leagues around the world.

“We have temporarily suspended betting. Now postponed or cancelled almost all sporting events for the next few months. As soon as the situation stabiliziruemost, we get back to work”, — advises its customers site bookmakers 888.ru.

Little sports calendar still graces the screen, the company BetCity. However, the whole grid for the next few days are filled with games already included in the memes of the championship of Belarus on football — he has not yet stopped. Anyone can bet on the outcome of the game FC “Gorodeya” with “miner” on the evening of March 28 or “Smolevichi” with “Isloch” day 29 March.

Belarusian football is not the most exotic. “In Tajikistan, it seems, nothing is forbidden, here the Tajik events, sports meetings, popular now,” says Roman, one analyst of the Russian betting networks. According to the number of bets, the activity decreased by at least half, he States.

Those wishing to make such rates are unlikely to much, and it is clear that bookmakers living global sports has it’s dark days.

“This is a big threat. Everything fell, we write the bookies with requests to suspend payments and contracts,” says Paruyr Shahbazyan, the founder of “Rating bookmakers”.

The situation is hard for others — those who advance a year in advance-paid contracts for TV and packs of sports statistics, which analysts when calculating sports betting. But still have to pay imputed tax on the operations of bookmakers, and it is 3 million rubles per month.

“It would be possible to get out, if we had allowed casinosno games like poker, where there is no need sport. But they are banned. Nothing left to do but sit and wait,” says Shahbazyan. The judi Online games are reliable and perfect for the ones that want to get gambling online and earn real money.

In an attempt to distract from the sadness of loyal customers and attract new bookmakers organize “line” (group betting) dedicated to the coronavirus. On the website Betcity the likelihood that the world health organization (who) announced the end of the pandemic to July, estimated low rates of 1.2 to 4. That is, if by July pandemic is to be defeated, to put the ruble kopecks to win four. But the fact that the vaccine virus will be established before 31 December 2020, the bookies are almost sure — bets are accepted from calculation of 1.25 for the 3.6.

A rich line of “coronavirus” rates — the Russian branch of the office “Parimatch”. “We look at the information agenda and daily add new rate”, — said the representative of the company Alexey Babichev. But the worst issue — the number of victims of the pandemic — neither he nor the other respondents bookmakers do not accept bets. They say it is beyond ethical.

“The picture that we see, a lot is served in the negative. We believe that it is necessary to focus on the positive, try to do the betting options are positive. We don’t play on feelings of people, not projected how many people will be involved in the event from a medical point of view,” Babichev said.

In the line of “coronavirus” forecasts “Parimatch” a lot of bets on that when I get back to a normal life or that sports League or take part in the important event. Will there be, for example, the new York city marathon in November? (rates to 3 1,32). Will the festival de Cannes on schedule, in June? (3 bets to 1.35). Will Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov fight on the PlayStation in April? (forecast almost hopeless — 9 of 1.04). On the calculation of the coefficients work the same analysts that were involved in the analysis of sports statistics to the pandemic.

There is an exotic bet offered by the audience in social networks. So, you can bet that one of the skyscrapers the Trump Tower will be fully converted to the clinic (bookmakers at this almost don’t believe the current ratio of 1.01 to 14). It is possible to estimate the likelihood of this option: “a Computer game dedicated to the fight against COVID-19, will release before the end of 2020,” rates of 1.50 to 2,50.

“The bookmakers make such bets all the time, but no one really it does not make it is to ensure that you journalists are interested in this PR-tool — emphasizes Paruyr Shahbazyan, the founder of “Rating bookmakers”. Figures industry rates do not argue. “Parimatch” recognizes that “viral” bets make up less than 5% of the normal volume of betting.

“Lines associated with a coronavirus — this is more of a marketing story, thanks to mentions in social networks and posts will be replicated. And players are driven to other areas in eSports or online casino. In larger offices section players 50 on 50: half betting (betting), half on the gambling (gambling),” said who wished to remain anonymous analyst Roman. In the context of Russian restrictions on gambling they manage to do it — a topic for another article.

It is absurd to assume that even experienced analysts bookmakers can shed light on key questions concerning the epidemic. You can bet on the possibility of introducing quarantine in Moscow or volatility in the prices of buckwheat, but what’s next — bookies predict not taken.

You can bet that the “coronavirus” will be the word of the year in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionary. And even the fact that this year the vaccine from the virus personally, invent that is Elon Musk (the odds of 200 to 1). On the improbability of this event is only slightly inferior to that in the layout bets “Parimatch” is described as: “In 2020, in connection with the recent events, it is a scientifically proven God’s existence” (250 to 1).





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