Diploma not needed: Elon Musk told how to get a job at Tesla

Elon Musk is constantly surprising the world with their ideas. But to create the first colony on Mars or a perfect machine for the government, he needs a huge team of brilliant professionals. However, in order to replenish the number of employees Tesla, the diploma is not required. MC.today we know who is looking for Elon Musk and why.

Диплом не нужен: Илон Маск рассказал, как устроиться на работу в Tesla

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What happened?

In early February of this year, Elon Musk in his Twitter wrote that the company is looking for professionals to work with AI (artificial intelligence — approx. ed.). Before that, Tesla showed a video in which you see their program identifies obstacles, road signs, traffic lights, other cars and road markings.

When one of the users asked Ilona, does he have time to get a degree in AI to get on with the job of Mask he replied that he did not pay attention to it.

Musk is looking for someone who really understands the field of AI. Autopilot system in cars Tesla written using Python which is then converted to C++ and C (Python, C++, C — programming languages — approx. ed.) for speed and direct access to equipment in the car. Therefore, although education plays a key role, Elon warns that candidates should show their knowledge and pass a difficult test.

By the way, to find the real experts, the Musk in early March, promised to arrange in your home “super fun party-hackathon”.

So whether you want a diploma?

The debate about how important it is to get a higher education, probably, will never end. Many successful people have not really had a diploma. The Creator of Apple Steve jobs (at the time of death condition — $7 billion), he dropped out of College and in agreement with the Dean, attended only some classes.

The founder of Swedish company IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad (the state — $3.3 billion) suffered from dyslexia and did not even try after school to go to University.

Richard Branson, who created Virgin Group Corporation (the state — $4 billion), started his business way back in high school years, then he just didn’t have time for University.

Michael Dell earned $18 billion, although dropped out of University after my first year selling homemade computers started to bring good money, and he began to develop his company Dell Computer Corporation.

And based on the story of Mark Zuckerberg (equity $72.9 billion) even made a film called “the Social network”. The founder of Facebook has created a network with my classmates when I was studying at the faculty of psychology at Harvard. Diploma and has not received, but after 6 years he had a fortune of $4 billion.


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