Director Todd Phillips revealed the fate of the Joker neighbor — Sophie

Director Todd Phillips shared information about what was the fate of the heroine of the film “Joker” Sophie. She was a neighbor of Arthur Fleck in the performance of Joaquin Phoenix.

Режиссер Тодд Филлипс раскрыл судьбу соседки Джокера — Софи

The role of Sophie on the screens brought 28-year-old actress Zazie Bitts. In the film, the Joker enters the apartment to a neighbor, but not all the audience got, killed the antagonist the girl, or she survived. In an interview for IndieWire Phillips explained that Arthur Fleck although he was a villain, but adhered to certain rules, cracking down on only those who had hurt him, so a neighbor, a fate spared.

The Director added that originally in the script there was a scene where Sophie looks on TV show Murray Franklin with the actor Robert De Niro, which came and Fleck. But in the end moment decided to clean up, because Phillips wanted to stage the key focus remained solely on the Joker.