Directors of the series “Velik Vuyki” presented debut music video

Young singer Anna Rozumovsky to conquer new heights. After the presentation of the debut track “I Love” artist of the M1 Agency immediately filmed.

Режиссеры сериала «Великі Вуйки» представили дебютный клип

A lyrical song for Anna was written by the singer Maria Yaremchuk, and on-screen love story moved Dmitry Manifesto and Dmitry Shmurak. The clip talks about the power of attraction between people and uncompromising love.

“We wanted to show an endless path, which overcome the heroes of the clip. This is the debut music video of Anna, but in front of the camera, she behaves very professionally. We are shocked!”-

commented the Directors.

The artist was delighted with the filming process and professionalism of the entire creative team.