'Dirty bomb': IAEA to conduct 'independent verification' this week

“Dirty bomb”: IAEA to conduct “independent verification during» this week


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit two Ukrainian sites “this week” at the request of Kyiv, according to a statement, as Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine of 'erasing evidence of preparation of a “dirty bomb”. 

“The inspectors will carry out an independent verification (…) to detect any diversion of nuclear material”, explained Thursday the director general of the UN body, Rafael Grossi.

He must speak in the afternoon in New York before the UN Security Council, during a closed session.

The IAEA had announced earlier this week an inspection “in the coming days”, without further details.

The Agency reaffirmed on Thursday that it had inspected one of the two places “a month ago”, stressing that “no undeclared nuclear activity had been found there”.

Earlier in the day, Vladimir Putin had called for a mission “at most v it”. According to him, Ukraine wants to use a radioactive weapon “so that it can say later that it was Russia that carried out a nuclear strike”.

A radiological bomb or “dirty bomb” consists of conventional explosives surrounded by radioactive materials intended to be disseminated in dust at the time of the explosion.

“Given the interest and the urgency of the file”, the IAEA will publish its conclusions quickly, in addition to the usual report made to the Board of Governors, the statement said.