Disclosed the plan of the Ministry to improve standards for gas for users without a meter

The Department of energy and environmental protection has developed a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on raising standards in gas consumption for users without meters. Moreover, it is proposed to increase the estimated rate more than two times.

Раскрыт план Минэнерго по повышению нормы за газ для пользователей без счетчика

This reports the analytical portal “Hvilya” with reference to the official portal of the Ministry of energy.

The relevant draft amendments to decree of the government of Ministry for discussion and published on its website on Friday, may 29. Now at the old address of the message and documents Minamaneho do not exist. However, the data remained in the cache.

Thus, it is possible to read the draft order with an electronic signature of the Minister Olga Buslovich.

What will happen to the Ukrainians

It is proposed to make different rates of consumption per person for heating and summer seasons. For each of these standards will be substantially increased compared to the existing.

Раскрыт план Минэнерго по повышению нормы за газ для пользователей без счетчика

In addition to the changes in the resolution No. 143 of February 27, 2019, which regulated the rate of consumption, it is proposed to amend the resolution of the Cabinet dated 6 August 2014 №409.

If appropriate changes will be made, subsidies to pay for gas since October 2021 in the amount of installed sinomation not available for consumers who refused meter installation at the expense of the budget, or the gas suppliers.

Signed by acting Minister of Busevec the Order on amendments to the action plan of energy in 2020 is stated that the new norms of gas consumption the Directorate of energy markets needs to state in the third quarter.

Along with the signed Bukovec document submitted and the explanatory note to the draft, which publishes the portal “Nashi Groshi”.

According to the explanatory Memorandum, the new rules prepared in pursuance of an order of the Prime Minister Denis Smagala taken the calculations of JSC “Ukrndiinzhproekt” for 2019.

The proposed changes are explained by the fact that now a quarter of households are not metered. Therefore, without taking into account consumed nearly 400 million cubic meters of gas per year. And it’s the free use of gas by consumers to 2.68 billion UAH.

Раскрыт план Минэнерго по повышению нормы за газ для пользователей без счетчика

It is also noted that in the past 5 years, the largest consumption per person per month was in the heating season 2014-2015.

New rules proposed by the energy Ministry, the highest in recent years.

The documents indicate that the initiator of the revision of the standards was organized by the Public Union “Association of the Ukrainian gas market”. On the website of the Union among its members provided the consulting company “UPECO” Konstantin Borodin from the environment to people’s Deputy Yuriy Boyko, “Poltavagaz”, part of the sphere of influence of the former regions of Alexei Laluka, JSC “Odesagas” Igor Teachers and others.

That is, operators of gas distribution networks (GDS operators, regional gas companies), and they control the gas supply companies sell gas to consumers.

Approximately 70% of gas distribution in Ukraine controls the “Regional gas company” (RMC) which belongs to the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash.

It informed the lawyers of the companies of Firtash in the courts has made the increased standards, then consumers in December last year, we got new bills with additional charges for increased rates. In response, the Cabinet again significantly reduced the rate of consumption users without a meter.